For a lot of peo­ple, Thanks­giv­ing is main­ly about the food. I mean, when else do you get to eat a mil­lion deli­cious things at one meal? Nev­er, is the answer. Nev­er. So. I can total­ly under­stand why you’d be most excit­ed about stuff­ing your face with stuff­ing and oth­er assort­ed goods. That being said, you can make Thanks­giv­ing a two part extrav­a­gan­za about both food and grat­i­tude. Some fam­i­lies go around the table and say what they’re thank­ful for, which is awe­some. That can feel weird and forced, though.

So! If you’d like to make Thanks­giv­ing about some­thing more than food, it’s real­ly easy. All you have to do is take some time on Thanks­giv­ing to get intro­spec­tive (may­be you have a long car ride? May­be foot­ball bores you to death? May­be you day­dream a lot?) and think about the things you’re thank­ful for. They can be big or small things. So adding “My dog is awe­some,” to your list is accept­able, as is “I have a roof over my head.” There’s no min­i­mum or lim­it to the things you can be thank­ful for and it is def­i­nite­ly not a con­test between you and any­one else. That’s prob­a­bly the most impor­tant part of express­ing your thank­ful­ness. You do not need to be com­par­ing your­self to ANYONE ELSE. Peri­od. Com­par­ison is the thief of joy, after all.

So! Here are a few things from my list:

  1. My dog is awe­some.
    Yogi 2
  2. I work at this great place you may have heard of.
  3. I’ve man­aged to fit a lot of recre­ation­al read­ing time into my life late­ly.
  4. I’m pret­ty healthy, all things con­sid­ered.
  5. I can walk to the library from my apart­ment. Which means books ALL THE TIME!
  6. Hard cider is becom­ing a REALLY pop­u­lar thing in the USYAY!
  7. Glazed donuts exist.
  8. It is accept­able to dip bread in olive oil with fresh gar­lic and amaz­ing herbs.
  9. They increased the speed lim­it to 70 on some parts of the turn­pike. GET OUTTA MY WAY SLOWBIES!
  10. Some­one has dis­cov­ered choco­late cov­ered pret­zels and shared it with the world.

So, what do you think?