Fri­day Decem­ber 26 is Nation­al Thank You Note Day. Obvi­ous­ly fol­low­ing the hol­i­days, you’re gonna have a lot of thanks to show. And you know what’s a pain? Sit­ting down, think­ing about all of the mar­velous gifts you’ve received, from whom you received them, and then WRITING A NOTE?! It feels like a lot. It is kind of a lot. But I’m here to guide you through the process because NOTHING. I TELL YOU, NOTHING. Makes you look as good as send­ing a well writ­ten thank you card via snail mail.

  1. So, first things first. You’re gonna need to stay orga­nized. Peo­ple often give mon­ey in cards which are con­ve­nient­ly signed by said givers. So. Make a dis­creet note some­where on the back of the card that the­se peo­ple just gave you dol­la dol­la bills yo. Don’t wor­ry about writ­ing down the amount, this is not par­tic­u­lar­ly impor­tant for the­se pur­pos­es. (Your bank account is where that shiz real­ly counts.) If you’ve got­ten a tan­gi­ble good old gift type item, make a list in your phone of who’s given you what. This is quick and easy with the smart­phones of today. Tal­ly up how many peo­ple you need to thank.
  2. Step num­ber TWO. Col­lect mail­ing address­es. You can’t send mail to some­one if you don’t know where to find them. If you don’t want to ask ever­rrrry­one where they live, use Whitepages online. Ask your mom/dad/parent/guardian/favorite aunt if you can’t fig­ure it out and don’t want to ask the per­son them­self.
  3. Step num­ber THREE. This, to me, is the most fun part. Choos­ing sta­tionery! There are so many styles and designs to choose from (espe­cial­ly here at Kards Unlim­it­ed, of course). Flo­ral, mod­ern, sophis­ti­cat­ed, plain, COLORFUL! You want it, we prob­a­bly have it or some­thing that will fit the bill. Make sure you buy enough for all of your recip­i­ents! ALSO. Don’t for­get stamps!
  4. Step FOUR. Bust out that list of peo­ple you need to thank and start at the top. Or bot­tom. What­ev­er. Choose a start­ing place. Thank you notes do not need to be over­ly flow­ery and Tolkien-esque. The basic for­mat is a lot like a five para­graph essay. Here’s how I do it:

Dear Grand­ma,

It was great see­ing you at Christ­mas. Your Christ­mas sweaters always make me smile. (Or alter­na­tive­ly, I’m sor­ry I didn’t get to see you at Christ­mas! I love you!) Just want­ed to send you a note to thank you for the set of cook­ie cut­ters in the shape of cats. I’m going to be eat­ing cat shaped cook­ies for the rest of my life (and that is excel­lent news!) Every­one loves a kit­ty cook­ie. (If I’m writ­ing about a mon­e­tary gift, I say some­thing like, Thank you for the cash, Grams [DON’T SAY HOW MUCH MONEY. THIS IS TACKY]. It will no doubt help me save up for (band camp, grad school, this awe­some con­cert, col­lege, retire­ment, my drug habit, etc.). You know how much I love [thing you are sav­ing up for], it’s the rea­son I get out of bed some days! I hope you enjoyed the hol­i­days this year! It was great see­ing you/miss you.

Thanks again!

Love, JP.

And you’re done. You can use the same template/format for every note. Just change out the person/gift/tone etc. The hard­est part about thank you notes is sit­ting down and get­ting them done, but if you make your­self do it it’ll be done in no time (and you won’t have to car­ry around guilt for the next 12 months for nev­er say­ing thank you to any­one for the things they gave you.

So, there you have it! How to stay orga­nized, and get your thank you notes DONE!

So, what do you think?