Friday December 26 is National Thank You Note Day. Obviously following the holidays, you're gonna have a lot of thanks to show. And you know what's a pain? Sitting down, thinking about all of the marvelous gifts you've received, from whom you received them, and then WRITING A NOTE?! It feels like a lot. It is kind of a lot. But I'm here to guide you through the process because NOTHING. I TELL YOU, NOTHING. Makes you look as good as sending a well written thank you card via snail mail.

  1. So, first things first. You're gonna need to stay organized. People often give money in cards which are conveniently signed by said givers. So. Make a discreet note somewhere on the back of the card that these people just gave you dolla dolla bills yo. Don't worry about writing down the amount, this is not particularly important for these purposes. (Your bank account is where that shiz really counts.) If you've gotten a tangible good old gift type item, make a list in your phone of who's given you what. This is quick and easy with the smartphones of today. Tally up how many people you need to thank.
  2. Step number TWO. Collect mailing addresses. You can't send mail to someone if you don't know where to find them. If you don't want to ask everrrrryone where they live, use Whitepages online. Ask your mom/dad/parent/guardian/favorite aunt if you can't figure it out and don't want to ask the person themself.
  3. Step number THREE. This, to me, is the most fun part. Choosing stationery! There are so many styles and designs to choose from (especially here at Kards Unlimited, of course). Floral, modern, sophisticated, plain, COLORFUL! You want it, we probably have it or something that will fit the bill. Make sure you buy enough for all of your recipients! ALSO. Don't forget stamps!
  4. Step FOUR. Bust out that list of people you need to thank and start at the top. Or bottom. Whatever. Choose a starting place. Thank you notes do not need to be overly flowery and Tolkien-esque. The basic format is a lot like a five paragraph essay. Here's how I do it:

Dear Grandma,

It was great seeing you at Christmas. Your Christmas sweaters always make me smile. (Or alternatively, I'm sorry I didn't get to see you at Christmas! I love you!) Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the set of cookie cutters in the shape of cats. I'm going to be eating cat shaped cookies for the rest of my life (and that is excellent news!) Everyone loves a kitty cookie. (If I'm writing about a monetary gift, I say something like, Thank you for the cash, Grams [DON'T SAY HOW MUCH MONEY. THIS IS TACKY]. It will no doubt help me save up for (band camp, grad school, this awesome concert, college, retirement, my drug habit, etc.). You know how much I love [thing you are saving up for], it's the reason I get out of bed some days! I hope you enjoyed the holidays this year! It was great seeing you/miss you.

Thanks again!

Love, JP.

And you're done. You can use the same template/format for every note. Just change out the person/gift/tone etc. The hardest part about thank you notes is sitting down and getting them done, but if you make yourself do it it'll be done in no time (and you won't have to carry around guilt for the next 12 months for never saying thank you to anyone for the things they gave you.

So, there you have it! How to stay organized, and get your thank you notes DONE!

So, what do you think?