…is why we LOVE Valentine’s Day!

and also we love love. Like a lot. It’s our thing.

I’m going to try my very best to stay calm and not to shout at you dur­ing this tour of our best Valentine’s Day cards. Look how calm I am. No hyper­bol­ic excla­ma­tions. NBD. What­ev. I could care less. Ok let’s look at some cards.



Pun Love

Not only are the­se cards the CUTEST, and fair-trade recy­cled, they also hap­pen to sup­port an amaz­ing cause.  The card mak­ers are wom­en who have escaped sex traf­fick­ing in the Philip­pines and young adults orphaned by dis­ease in Rwan­da. Each card is signed  and so con­nects you to the life you are help­ing to trans­form. I know. Cry­ing. I can’t even. Also from Good Paper, some adorb gay/lesbian designs because LOVE IS MOTHERF***ING LOVE! Ahem.


May­be puns aren’t your thing. How about some SCIENCE! I’d say the more roman­tic sci­ences are Chem­istry (duh) and astron­o­my (man crush on Neil Degrasse Tyson):



Sci­ence not your thing? How about the 80s! The 80s is everyone’s thing. Except cur­mud­geons. The­se cards are by a new com­pa­ny we are IN LOVE with called The Found:


Retro Love

May­be you want that vin­tage vibe; check out the­se beau­ti­ful water col­or cards from Driscoll:


How about the­se nat­u­ral­ly occur­ring hearts in nature from the love­ly Hearts Hap­pen line, we have a bunch and they are all so sweet:

Hearts Happen

Hey if you like nature, may­be you like NPR? Eh? Safe assump­tion? Ani­mals? Eh? Try out the­se cards from Lady Pilot, also a new favorite:


Let’s get seri­ous now. Let’s get down to the best kind of love. NERD LOVE. And the best kind of cards, OUR CARDS! That’s right, the­se are home­made fresh out the oven best served with geek sauce.




But seri­ous­ly, we have seri­ous cards too. We have it all, and we sin­cere­ly love to help you find the per­fect card so if you need some ideas, just ask! Hedge­hog card? Yep! Cats? Duh! Dogs? C’mon. Cards from my grams? Of course! And don’t for­get, Galentine’s Day is real, don’t for­get to send your friends some love. This par­ty isn’t just for lovers any­more;-)

with love,







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