...is why we LOVE Valentine's Day!

and also we love love. Like a lot. It's our thing.

I'm going to try my very best to stay calm and not to shout at you during this tour of our best Valentine's Day cards. Look how calm I am. No hyperbolic exclamations. NBD. Whatev. I could care less. Ok let's look at some cards.



Pun Love

Not only are these cards the CUTEST, and fair-trade recycled, they also happen to support an amazing cause.  The card makers are women who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines and young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda. Each card is signed  and so connects you to the life you are helping to transform. I know. Crying. I can't even. Also from Good Paper, some adorb gay/lesbian designs because LOVE IS MOTHERF***ING LOVE! Ahem.


Maybe puns aren't your thing. How about some SCIENCE! I'd say the more romantic sciences are Chemistry (duh) and astronomy (man crush on Neil Degrasse Tyson):



Science not your thing? How about the 80s! The 80s is everyone's thing. Except curmudgeons. These cards are by a new company we are IN LOVE with called The Found:


Retro Love

Maybe you want that vintage vibe; check out these beautiful water color cards from Driscoll:


How about these naturally occurring hearts in nature from the lovely Hearts Happen line, we have a bunch and they are all so sweet:

Hearts Happen

Hey if you like nature, maybe you like NPR? Eh? Safe assumption? Animals? Eh? Try out these cards from Lady Pilot, also a new favorite:


Let's get serious now. Let's get down to the best kind of love. NERD LOVE. And the best kind of cards, OUR CARDS! That's right, these are homemade fresh out the oven best served with geek sauce.




But seriously, we have serious cards too. We have it all, and we sincerely love to help you find the perfect card so if you need some ideas, just ask! Hedgehog card? Yep! Cats? Duh! Dogs? C'mon. Cards from my grams? Of course! And don't forget, Galentine's Day is real, don't forget to send your friends some love. This party isn't just for lovers anymore;-)

with love,







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