Ah, May!  What a lovely month! The warm weather is finally (finally!) here, and there's nothing but awesome stuff going on, so we're pretty excited here at KU!  Click READ MORE to find out what's happening at home and abroad this merry month!

Just like this, except get caught. Like, do it super obviously, so everyone knows.

May is Get Caught Reading Month!  Whether you love books (what am I talking about, obviously you love books), magazines, newspapers, your e-reader, or just reading the backs of cereal boxes, May is the month for you!  Read in bed! Read on the couch! Read on the porch! Read in the park! Read in the shower! Read everywhere!  And get caught doing it!

It's an important day, guys.

The first week of May is brimming with fun things!  May Day, Mother Goose Day, Batman Day, and the beginning of Children's Book Week (5/1-5/7) kick us off (5/1); National Wordsmith Day, National Public Radio Day, and Paranormal Day keep the week going (5/3); then there's the National Day of Reason, No Pants Day, International Space Day, Cinco de Cuatro, and May the Fourth (5/4); Cinco de Mayo, World Naked Gardening Day, and the Kentucky Derby (5/5); World Laughter Day, the Pittsburgh Marathon, and the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week (5/6-5/12) (5/6); and finally we'll round it out with International Tell Your Crush Day (5/7)!

All he wants for his birthday is love.

May's birthdays start off with Joseph Heller (5/1); then there's beloved children's author Leo Lionni (5/5); and Sigmund Freud (5/6)!


Next up we'll have National Teacher Day (5/8); Moscato Day (5/9); Trust Your Intuition Day (5/10); National Eat What You Want Day (i.e. every day? Questionmark?), International Migratory Bird Day, and National Miniature Golf Day (5/11); MOTHER'S DAY! YAY! (5/13); National Dance Like a Chicken Day and the start of American Craft Beer Week (5/14-5/20) (5/14)!

Look at this frickin' cake.

Birthdays in the second week of May include Katniss Everdeen, Peter Benchley, and Thomas Pynchon (5/8); J.M. Barrie, Kermit the Frog, and Lisa Simpson (5/9); Daphne du Maurier, Stephen Colbert, and Robert Pattinson (5/13); and George Lucas (5/14)!

Yes, please.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, Dinosaurs Day, and the beginning of Ramadan will mark the beginning of May's third week (5/15); then there's Mimosa Day, National Barbecue Day, and National Sea Monkey Day (5/16); National Mushroom Hunting Day (5/17); National Pizza Party Day and Endangered Species Day (5/18); Malcolm X Day, World Whisky Day, and National Send a Nude Day (5/19); and finally World Baking Day and Eliza Doolittle (5/20)!

Clam down, Tina! Of course there's cake!

May's third week includes the literal most important birthday of the year, that of the loveliest and best boss in the universe, Kristen Kershner! Plus L. Frank Baum, whom we also love, on the same day (5/15); and Tina Fey (5/18)!

Oh, Simon. We love you so.

And the last week of May will start out with National Waiters & Waitresses Day (5/21); then Sherlock Holmes Day and Harvey Milk Day (5/22); Asparagus Day (5/24); the beginning of the Greater Pittsburgh Food Truck Festival (5/25-5/27), Geek Pride Day, and Towel Day (5/25); Memorial Day (5/28); and finally National Macaroon (not macaron!) Day and Speak in Complete Sentences Day (5/31)!

You said it, CM. Credit Hyperbole & 1/2.

May's birthdays finish up with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (5/22); Scott O'Dell (5/23); Cookie Monster (5/25); Dashiell Hammett (5/27); Ian Fleming (5/28); and Mel Blanc (5/30)!

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