So at the end of last season, the Red Wedding happened.  It garnered a lot of negative reactions from people.  Some lovely, sadistic souls who knew what was coming even filmed or tweeted their unsuspecting loved ones' reactions.  It was serious business, y'all.

got reactions

Yeah, it was pretty much like this, only instead of just covering their mouths in horror, most people either went into uncontrollably ragey diatribes against GRRM and/or HBO or simply collapsed on the floor in a puddle of disillusioned and despairing jelly.


Nevertheless, those of us who haven't sworn off the series (and/or life in general) are getting ready to continue the saga this coming Sunday.  And we are so excited.  Like, whoa.


Like a kid in a candy store.

KU is absolutely the place to come for all your Season 4 needs.  We've got a bunch of great new Game of Thrones stuff like House shot and pint glass sets as well as House patches and t-shirts.  Not to mention fairly boundless enthusiasm and excitement for the new season.  There's also Feast of Ice and Fire, a cookbook featuring recipes for many of the dishes mentioned in the series (a literal must-have for your season premiere party)


Aw yeeah, time to Feast.

We also have all the books (singly and in a convenient boxed set), and did I mention fanatical love of all things Game of Thrones?  So, just hypothetically, if all your friends are tired of talking to you about how hard it is to pick a favorite character, or if none of them have any interesting theories about what's going to happen and who's going to murder who, you definitely need to come see me because I will have all the GoT conversations with you.


So so so good.

Season 4 starts this Sunday, so get ready!  You win or you die!

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