The sweetest revenge.

The sweet­est revenge.

One Hit Won­der Day was estab­lished by music jour­nal­ist Steve Rosen in 1990 to pay trib­ute to those who tech­ni­cal­ly didn’t even have their five min­utes of fame, because most one hit won­ders are less time than that.  Cel­e­brate by lis­ten­ing to an artist that con­tribut­ed one enor­mous­ly suc­cess­ful song, and not much else, to human­i­ty. Or go to a karaoke bar and show your love by singing a painful­ly heart­felt ren­di­tion of “I Touch Myself.”  Peo­ple will either sing along with you, or leave.  Good luck! 

Everyone knows what song this happened to!

Every­one knows what song this hap­pened to!

I total­ly thought I was up on my one hit won­der knowl­edge.  I thought I would know all the bands and songs.  As it turns out…I do not.  I failed mis­er­ably, aside from the few songs on mix CD’s expert­ly curat­ed by my broth­er in the ear­ly 2000s.  I played those CD’s from mid­dle school well into my high school days on my Sony Walk­man and it baf­fles me that I have to look up the artists, but I remem­ber the song lyrics by heart.  Because they are just that catchy and mem­o­rable.  

Oh yes...this was the one.   So sleek.

Oh yes…this was the one. So sleek.

And all those argu­ments about whether or not ‘Don’t Wor­ry Be Hap­py’ was sung by Bob Mar­ley can final­ly be put to rest; it wasn’t.  And did you know that Chum­bawamba was orig­i­nal­ly an anar­chist band?  They were actu­al­ly quite good before they sold out.  Seri­ous­ly check out “Time­bomb,” their tal­ent was wast­ed on ear­ly 1990’s ravers, so sad.  They fed into the sys­tem they want­ed so deeply to change.  It’s the nature of the beast.  But let’s not be angsty, we love all music!!!!  So let’s cel­e­brate all the bands, decades, and one hit won­ders to grace us with their pres­ence, how­ev­er fleet­ing.  

Yep, that's a pretty anarchist song title.

Yep, that’s a pret­ty anar­chist song title.

And here’s a list of One Hit Won­ders! Enjoy!


-Los Del Rio–’Macarena’  (Call­ing all 90’s kids!  Watch this!)
-Lou Bega–’Mambo #5’
-Soft Cell–’Tainted Love’
-Sir Mix A Lot–’I like big butts’
-Vanil­la Ice–’Ice Ice Baby’
-Blind Melon–’No Rain’
-Tag Team–’Whoomp! (There it is)’
-4 Non Blondes–’What’s Up?’
-Eddy Grant–‘Elec­tric Avenue’
-Aqua–’Barbie Girl’
-Bil­ly Ray Cyrus–’Achy Breaky Heart’
-The Waitresses–’I Know What Boys Like’
-House of Pain–’Jump Around’
-Min­nie Ripperton–’Lovin’ You’
-The Weath­er Girls–’It’s Rain­ing Men’
-Falco–’Rock Me Amadeus’
-The Cardigans–’Lovefool’
-Frankie Goes to Hollywood–’Relax’
-The Verve–’Bittersweet Sym­pho­ny’
-Mod­ern English–’I Melt with You’
-Mered­ith Brooks–’Bitch’
-Star­land Vocal Band–’Afternoon Delight’
-Buster Poindexter–’Hot Hot Hot’
-Devo–’Whip it’
-Wild Cherry–’Play that Funky Music’
-Sug­arhill Gang–’Rapper’s Delight’
-Deee-Lite–’Groove is in the Heart’
-Lita Ford–’Kiss Me Dead­ly’
-Nor­man Greenbaum–’Spirit in the Sky’
-Baha Men–’Who Let the Dogs Out?’
-Men With­out Hats–’The Safe­ty Dance’
-The Knack–’My Sharona’
-DiVinyls–’I Touch Myself’
-Psy–’Gangam Style’
-Bob­by McFerrin–’Don’t Wor­ry Be Hap­py’
-LEN–’Steal My Sun­shine’
-Wheatus–’Teenage Dirt­bag’
-The Buggles–’Video Killed the Radio Star’
-Afroman–’Because I Got High’
-The Vapors–’Turning Japan­ese’
-Lipps Inc–’Funkytown’
-Bob­by Day–’Rockin’ Robin’
-Nena–’99 Luft­bal­loons’
-Toni Basil–’Mickey’
-The Archies–’Sugar, Sug­ar’
-Dexys Mid­night Runners–’Come on Eileen’
-Right Said Fred–’I’m Too Sexy’

So, what do you think?