31 Oct



Hap­py Hal­loween, every­one! I hope you’re spend­ing today doing some­thing super fun, like knock­ing on stranger’s doors and steal­ing their can­dy!

We are super excit­ed to see some cus­tomers in cos­tume today! Please! Stop by and show us your amaz­ing fun hal­loween per­son­al­i­ties! 

What’s that? You don’t HAVE a cos­tume? Well. we can’t solve that whole prob­lem for you, but we can get you start­ed. We have a mil­lion fun cos­tume hats that you can wear with nor­mal every­day clothes and still feel a bit fun and fan­cy! Stop by to put them all on your head!

We also have some beau­ti­ful spooky dec­o­ra­tions, so if you need that one last touch for your hal­loween par­ty tonight, we can absolute­ly help.

Have fun and be safe out there! Watch out for harm­ful spir­its and say hel­lo to old loved ghosts tonight when the spir­it world is so close to our own! And brush your teeth!

So, what do you think?