31 Oct



Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you're spending today doing something super fun, like knocking on stranger's doors and stealing their candy!

We are super excited to see some customers in costume today! Please! Stop by and show us your amazing fun halloween personalities! 

What's that? You don't HAVE a costume? Well. we can't solve that whole problem for you, but we can get you started. We have a million fun costume hats that you can wear with normal everyday clothes and still feel a bit fun and fancy! Stop by to put them all on your head!

We also have some beautiful spooky decorations, so if you need that one last touch for your halloween party tonight, we can absolutely help.

Have fun and be safe out there! Watch out for harmful spirits and say hello to old loved ghosts tonight when the spirit world is so close to our own! And brush your teeth!

So, what do you think?