Sherlock Holmes Weekend just might be the coolest weekend there ever will be. Although it's celebrated each year in Cape May, New Jersey we're excited to share in the festivities! How can you celebrate Sherlock Holmes Weekend yourself?

Sherlock 1

  1. Read a Sherlock Holmes book. he wrote a TON of Sherlock Holmes books, so you have plenty of material to use.
    Sherlock 2
  2. Watch one of the seven billion Sherlock Holmes adaptations, for TV and the big screen
    Sherlock 3
  3. Host a mystery dinner at your house, and invite guests to help you solve the mystery. Whodunit? Blaming each other all night until the truth comes out permissible.
    Sherlock 4
  4. Call all of your friends 'Watson' for the weekend. Extra bonus: changeĀ all of the contacts in a friend's phone to 'Watson' so they have to spend the entire weekend solvingĀ that mystery.
    Sherlock 5
  5. Wear a deerstalker all weekend. Wool cape and pipe recommended.
    Sherlock 6
  6. Try cocaine like good old Sherlock did. Just kidding. Drugs are bad, mmkay?
    Sherlock 7
  7. Re-number your house's address to 221B. Take that, mailman! WHO NEEDS MAIL?
    Sherlock 8

So, what do you think?