Sher­lock Holmes Week­end just might be the coolest week­end there ever will be. Although it’s cel­e­brat­ed each year in Cape May, New Jer­sey we’re excit­ed to share in the fes­tiv­i­ties! How can you cel­e­brate Sher­lock Holmes Week­end your­self?

Sherlock 1

  1. Read a Sher­lock Holmes book. he wrote a TON of Sher­lock Holmes books, so you have plen­ty of mate­ri­al to use.
    Sherlock 2
  2. Watch one of the sev­en bil­lion Sher­lock Holmes adap­ta­tions, for TV and the big screen
    Sherlock 3
  3. Host a mys­tery din­ner at your house, and invite guests to help you solve the mys­tery. Who­dunit? Blam­ing each oth­er all night until the truth comes out per­mis­si­ble.
    Sherlock 4
  4. Call all of your friends ‘Wat­son’ for the week­end. Extra bonus: change all of the con­tacts in a friend’s phone to ‘Wat­son’ so they have to spend the entire week­end solv­ing that mys­tery.
    Sherlock 5
  5. Wear a deer­stalk­er all week­end. Wool cape and pipe rec­om­mend­ed.
    Sherlock 6
  6. Try cocaine like good old Sher­lock did. Just kid­ding. Drugs are bad, mmkay?
    Sherlock 7
  7. Re-num­ber your house’s address to 221B. Take that, mail­man! WHO NEEDS MAIL?
    Sherlock 8

So, what do you think?