I don’t know about you, but as soon as the weath­er begins to get chilly, I get the urge to cook my lit­tle heart out. It’s the only time of year that I get tired of mak­ing the same old thing over and over again, and I begin to won­der what else I could add to my reper­toire. I’ll admit, cook­books used to fright­en me. I’d read a recipe and think “Yeah, THAT’S nev­er going to hap­pen.” Then one day, I said to hell with it and used a recipe out of a cook­book. The end result didn’t look any­thing like the pic­ture in the book (it nev­er does), but you know what? It was pret­ty damn good! I over­came my fear of screw­ing up a recipe and now have a pret­ty good col­lec­tion of cook­books.

Octo­ber is Nation­al Cook­book Mon­th, and boy, do we have all dif­fer­ent kinds of cook­books here at KU! Our cook­book sec­tion is a bonan­za of mouth­wa­ter­ing treats rang­ing from clas­sic to the obscure. It’s pret­ty great!


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We car­ry authors like Nigel­la Law­son, Jamie Oliv­er, The Bare­foot Con­tes­sa, Martha Stew­art, Racheal Ray, etc.  We love the food, all the food! We have clas­sics like “The Joy of Cook­ing” and the won­der­ful­ly strange like “The Sriracha Cook­book”. We have books for those on a bud­get, books for those who are just start­ing to cook, books for those who want to impress their friends. We have Pitts­burgh cook­books, meat-cen­tric cook­books, and veg­e­tar­i­an cook­books. Any­one else’s tum­my growl­ing?

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Don’t wor­ry, Fifty Shades fans, I didn’t for­get about you. Par­o­dies, I loves them!

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Nor did I for­get about you, Game of Thrones fans. I got your back!

So, this mon­th, pick up your favorite cook­book, or come and get a new one, and get cook­ing! You know I will.


Have I men­tioned that we have cook­books? ‘Cause we do!







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