Lemme tell you about diaries, because today, September 22nd is their time to shine!  Diaries are wonderful portals into the inner mind and we really should value them more.  Isn't it better to leave your grievances against the world safely ensconced in a bound journal instead of BOUNCING AROUND THE INTERNET FOR EVERYONE TO READ?  Seriously, this is advice that many a cybertroll ought to be heeding.  Provided you don't have nosy siblings prying into your diary every other day, there's little likelihood that anyone else will set eyes on your most precious secrets.  Unless, you leave it on top of your pillow or something - then you're just asking for it.


On the surface, writing about yourself every day may seem awfully narcissistic, but it really isn't!  You're not saying things like, "Look at me - I'm amazing at everything," or "ZOMG.  Everybody wants to be me."  And if you are, then you're probably Regina George.  Regina George's diary, I'm sure, would make wonderful bathroom reading material, but you should write about what's important to YOU.  What are your hopes/dreams/regrets?  Who are you crushing on?  (And don't pretend like you don't have any crushes; I'm twenty-four and I have a new one every week.)  And crap like that.  Yes, some of it is bound to be pretty quotidian, but that's life.  And, if you do see your life settling into an uninspiring pattern, this is your cue to start switching things up!


There's so much value to journaling, but I think the biggest payoff is just to be able to get these thoughts off your brain.  As soon as you write down something that's bothering you, it's out of your head and onto the page.  That's mostly just psychological trickery, but it really works.  It's similar to how making a to-do list and then crossing tasks off that list just makes you feel better; it's a weight off your chest.  The other benefit of writing in a diary is that it's basically a time machine, allowing you to relive specific days and even hours in your life when you were doing a certain thing or feeling a certain way.  Sadly, I don't make a habit of journaling every day, but I always take notes about my day when I travel abroad.  If you've been out of the country, you know that these are the times when your mind takes off down some pretty weird paths.  Going back and reading journal entries a few months later can be a lot of fun.


So, like, start keeping a diary today!  It's important that you work it into your daily routine (at night before bed is best), so that it becomes a habit.  And make sure you find a good hiding spot for it!  Beware the numerous snoops (myself included) just waiting to get their dirty mitts on it.  You don't need that stress in your life.

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