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Welcome to the best CST of the year, friends!  The CST of Tolkien Week!  Last year, Tolkien Week ended with Hobbit Day.  This year, Hobbit Day was the first day of Tolkien Week and we are moving forward from there.  Get excited.  First of all, come take our quiz!  It's super fun, I wrote it myself, and if you do you're entered for a chance to win a $20.00 KU gift certificate!  Plus if you get the best score on the quiz, you win a copy of this fabulous book, The Art of the Hobbit!


He's so good. Almost makes you love Saruman. Almost.

Second of all, just come and listen to The Children of Hurin on audiobook, which will be playing in the store all week.  It's read by Christopher Lee!  For serious, you need to hear this.

Third, just come in and geek out with me.  I read a really interesting book recently called Steal Like an Artist which is a kind of guide for aspiring artists in any genre.  A part of it that stuck with me was the section where the author talks about being a student of your predecessors.  His main thrust is that if you like something, don't just like it, know about it.  Find out everything you can about the work and the person who made it.  I tend to do that with Tolkien.  I'd love to talk about it with you.

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