Now more than ever we need to remind ourselves what we are thankful for and not take those things for granted. So without further ado:

  1. Nerds. You make the world go round. Enthusiasm is the spice of life, in a Dune kind of way.
  2. Leftover Halloween candy. Rotting my teeth as we speak, and Starburst are literally flying across the office at an alarming and dangerous rate. 
  3. Books. But seriously, can you even imagine life without? Don't. Don't try. It's awful and cold and dark in that place. 
  4. Pets. Along with books, make life worth living. Sometimes I look at my cats and get really tripped out that this super fuzzy little creature with legs and a face that exists on this planet is living in my house and likes to hang out with me. 
  5. Harry Potter/J.K. Rowling. We're pretty sure that Harry Potter is 95% of what we talk about here at KU, and the other 5% is usually about reminding the males to use the bathroom spray in the employee bathroom. (Note: We need more bathroom spray.)
  6. Each other. We like to create a family here at Ku, and right now our staff is aces. We are really lucky to have really good people working with us.
  7. Game of Thrones references.  Ok I lied, our conversations here are 60% Harry Potter and 40% GOT. We like to yell "YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW!" at trainees. But in a nice way.
  8.  Star Wars references. Ok I lied again. Our convos our 50% Potter, 20% GOT, and 1,000% Star Wars references. Most used: "these are the cards you're looking for" and "that's no (insert moon-like object).
  9. & 10. The last 2 are dedicated to YOU our wonderful and loyal customers because I want to talk about you for more than as sentence. You are sincerely what makes us love coming to work everyday. Interacting with you about what you're reading, watching, eating, and especially hearing you laugh, reminds us why we're here. We have fun with each other here, but it's the customers that really make it all worth it. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families, human and feline and canine and all. 

-Kards Unlimited

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