hate1So, you know someone, perhaps even your partner, who hates Valentine’s Day?

Lemme guess, they say things like:
“Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday that capitalizes on people’s love with cheap items that have nothing to do with love.”
“You don’t need Valentine’s Day to do something special for your loved one!” (p.s. please ask them when they did buy something special for their loved one that wasn’t on a birthday or a holiday)

But really, their excuses are hiding a bigger concern: their hearts are made of stone. Or, insecurity (stone is more likely). Whether this someone is in a relationship and doesn’t know what to get so hides their insecurity with their anger for Hallmark or a single person who just can’t stand seeing so many people loving each other, here are 5 great gifts to give them to warm that frozen heart.









Any other recommendations for your Valentine-hating friend or lover? Comment below!

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