4 Mar

Toy Soldier Day

TEN-HUT! At ease, soldier. We just wanted to remind you all that March 4th is Toy Soldier Day, so gear up and lock n' load, cause we've got a tough worldwide mission of fun to accomplish!


The lesser-known, flag twirling toy soldier.

If you're childhood was anything like mine (which it most likely was very much not unless you also grew up with a pride of lions in Africa), then you spent a large amount of time vigorously constructing battle scenes, becoming your very own caesar, and having small  plastic men fight to the death for your own amusement.



No? Well, then surely you at least aligned your men in hard to reach sniper positions, then casually shot each and everyone of them down with your red ryder BB gun because they're defenseless and can't shoot back?


"What do you mean we can't move?! This is some bullsh*t."

No? Really? How about the classic "becoming God" scenario where you used a magnifying glass to smite the soldiers for no other reason than you were a vengeful, angry, and hateful God?


"WHY?! WHY?!" 

Not really into the magnifying glass scene? Then you must have been a bomber. What did you use? Cherry bombs? M80s? Gasoline? I personally sent my fair share of soldiers home to their wives feeling less than whole men.


"Yeah, I lost the leg, but the explosion was so sweet!"

See, I told you that your childhood wasn't comparable to mine. But what Toy Soldier Day comes down to is simply spending the day doing something that the individual enjoys, or banding together with other Soldiers to organize a grand event. Toy Soldier Day reminds us all of the importance of having a good time and never losing the child in us all (whether that child was raised by lions or not)!

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