Trigger+WarningIt's be a hot minute since Neil's latest book came out, but with all the busy busy life stuff, I've only just finished reading it. And man, I need to tell you how awesome it is, because dear lord.

I mean, everyone knows that Neil Gaiman is the god of modern fantasy. (Right? you know that, right??) So I wasn't surprised by how good his book was. I mean, of course it was good. He has like magic fingers or something. Wait, I take it back. It's his hair. His hair is magical.

I was excited about this book miles before the release date. The topic of trigger warnings in general is one that I have concerns about but also am very passionate about. And I didn't think it was possible, but Mr. Gaiman pretty much perfectly puts words to my feelings about the whole thing in his introduction to the book. I read that thing twice. I underlined things in the book. I spent days just soaking in the INTRODUCTION. I hadn't even gotten to the juicy story bits yet. (oh. It's a book of short stories, in case I hadn't mentioned...)

The stories were all amazing. Like really. Highlights were a story about Ray Bradbury (that is just simply stunningly put together!), a story that is basically Sherlock fan-fiction, and a story about the real David Bowie. It was all mostly fantasy, definitely dark, but not scary. And poetically written.

This is for sure a MUST READ, guys. I didn't think it was possible, but I loved Neil Gaiman even more when I finished. <3


So, what do you think?