The wassail began to go to their heads... and then things got weird.

I'll admit, when I hear the words Twelfth Night, I immediately think of Shakespeare's comedy Twelfth Night; or What You Will. Little did I know that Twelfth Night was actually a holiday in it's own right.

On Twelfth Night, you celebrate the end of the holiday season, and in the Catholic religion, this also marks the beginning of Carnival. In medieval England, that meant partying like it was1599. It was it's own mini-mardi gras kick off party! There was food, drink, self-indulgence (hmmm, sounds like most weekends at my house) and general merry making. Twelfth Night is a night of reversals, at the beginning of the night, a cake would be made that would contain one bean, and the person who ended up with that bean would be the ruler of the feast for the night. This is where the tradition of the Mardi Gras King Cake hails from. Catholics also recognize Twelfth Night as being the Eve of the Epiphany, which was the day a certain baby in a manger received a visit from some traveling genius's, who gave him some wicked awesome gifts. (I think that's how the story goes, it's been quite awhile since my catechism classes)

Seriously, Balthazar, we've passed that star 5 times already. I'm pulling over and asking for directions!"

Shakespeare wrote Twelfth Night; or, What You Will as Twelfth Night entertainment. The play focuses on the theme of reversals: a woman pretending be a man, a steward thinking that he could be a nobleman, etc. Shakespeare had planned on just calling the comedy What You Will, but as happens too often, a play with the same title premiered while Shakespeare was writing his. So I'm sure Shakespeare said "Eff this, I'll stick Twelfth Night on the front and call it done." And so it was.

Oh Shakespeare, you so funny!

Some people see Twelfth Night as the night to take down Christmas decorations. Supposedly, it's bad luck to keep them up after the 6th. I don't know about you, but I didn't get my decorations up until Christmas Eve eve. No way I'm taking them down now! They'll stay up until my potted Christmas tree dies from dehydration... last year, I believe that was April.

Now THAT'S what I call dedication!

So, if you're not too tired from Christmas and New Year's parties, why not celebrate Twelfth Night? Keep that buzz going... like you need an excuse! ^_^

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