7 Jan

Twelfth Night!

So. Here's the deal about Twelfth Night. When it was instituted, back in the day, convention dictated that a day started at sundown the preceding day. In much the same way and for much the same reason as the Jewish Shabbat starts on Friday evening, Twelfth night traditionally was the night of January 5th, i.e., the night before the Twelfth Day of Christmas (yes, like from the song.)

However, modern practice celebrates Twelfth Night as the night of Epiphany, that is, the night of January 6th.

Here's the rub, though.  Christmas is December 25th, so if you count twelve nights from there, the night of January 5th is the "twelfth night of Christmas."  Unless, of course, Christmas eve counts as the first night of Christmas, which maybe it should, if we're doing the whole evening before thing.

In short, this is a confusing day.


This is my confused face.

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