A while back, I talked to you guys about "I Love to Write" day, so I don't need to go over my love of writing with you again.  Suffice it to say that my fountain pen collection is steadily growing and that I use almost every one of my pens.  (Except a couple of the vintage ones that aren't working right now.)

Universal Letter-Writing week is January 8th through the 14th and is the perfect time to fall in love with writing again.  Sending snail mail to people is really incredibly charming.  I know because I do it all the time and everyone is constantly charmed.


Writing letters is fun!


But sometimes it's hard work.

 Except for that second picture is a total lie.  It's never hard work.  That's the great thing about sending someone a letter.  It's really easy.  Astoundingly so, if you think about it. The mail service is ridiculously good.  I really think that the whole information age would not have been possible without the postal service.  Without the idea in our heads that we could be connected so easily, no one ever would have thought to make it even easier with the internet.  That's right.  The fact that you're reading this blog right now was made possible by the efforts of literally countless people over the entire history of the written word.  (The earliest known iteration of a postal system was used by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt around 2400 B.C., but the practice of using the written word to transmit messages between people is far older (obviously), since that's the point of writing in the first place.)

So in honor of the history of basically the whole human race and in celebration of our ability to connect with one another from almost anywhere in the whole entire world, write at least one letter this week.  Seriously, it's charming as hell.


I'm having some serious pen envy right now.

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