1To cel­e­brate Valentine’s Day, we want­ed to give a quick look at the his­to­ry of the glob­al day of love cel­e­bra­tion. The his­to­ry of Valentine’s Day is rather obscure and full of mys­tery.  Most his­to­ri­ans can­not agree about the orig­in of the hol­i­day but one sto­ry pre­vails as the most believ­able.  

Accord­ing to leg­end, Valen­tine of Rome was a priest in Rome.  Saint Valen­tine of Rome was per­se­cut­ed as a Chris­tian.  Roman Emper­or Claudius II even­tu­al­ly ordered his exe­cu­tion when his attempt to con­vert Saint Valen­tine to Roman pagan­ism failed.   Before Saint Valentine’s exe­cu­tion, he per­formed a mir­a­cle on the jailer’s daugh­ter allow­ing her to see again.  Some believe Valen­tine wrote the first valen­tine card on the eve of his exe­cu­tion.  The sup­posed valen­tine was addressed to the jailer’s daugh­ter with the sig­na­ture as “Your Valen­tine.”  This sig­na­ture would lat­er be adapt­ed into the expres­sion “From Your Valen­tine” which is still used today from large pub­lished like Amer­i­can Greet­ings.  Years lat­er, anoth­er embell­ish­ment emerged from the sto­ry of Valentine’s Day.  Some his­to­ri­ans argued that Saint Valen­tine would per­form secret Chris­tian wed­dings for sol­diers that could not wed.  In addi­tion, Saint Valen­tine was said to have cut hearts from parch­ment to give to sol­diers as a reminder of their com­mit­ment.  

2Nowa­days, Valentine’s Day is cel­e­brat­ed through­out the world with diverse tra­di­tions in each loca­tion.  In the Nor­folk, Jack Valen­tine leaves sweets and presents for chil­dren out­side the rear door of their hous­es.  This par­tic­u­lar tra­di­tion has spanned over cen­turies.  In Slove­nia, Saint Valen­tine is asso­ci­at­ed with the growth of flo­ra and the mar­riage of birds.  In Korea, it is cus­tom for wom­en to give men box­es of choco­lates on Valentine’s Day.  One mon­th lat­er, men are expect­ed to return the favor. 

Inter­est­ing­ly enough, the cus­tom of exchang­ing cards and flow­ers on Valentine’s Day was first not­ed in the ear­ly part of the twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry.  In the sec­ond half of the 20th cen­tu­ry, the prac­tice of exchang­ing gifts real­ly sky­rock­et­ed.  Nowa­days, approx­i­mate­ly 190 mil­lion Valentine’s Day cards as sent each year.  Accord­ing to one web­site, the aver­age Amer­i­can spent $131 on Valentine’s Day in 2015! 

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