1To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we wanted to give a quick look at the history of the global day of love celebration. The history of Valentine’s Day is rather obscure and full of mystery.  Most historians cannot agree about the origin of the holiday but one story prevails as the most believable.  

According to legend, Valentine of Rome was a priest in Rome.  Saint Valentine of Rome was persecuted as a Christian.  Roman Emperor Claudius II eventually ordered his execution when his attempt to convert Saint Valentine to Roman paganism failed.   Before Saint Valentine’s execution, he performed a miracle on the jailer’s daughter allowing her to see again.  Some believe Valentine wrote the first valentine card on the eve of his execution.  The supposed valentine was addressed to the jailer’s daughter with the signature as “Your Valentine.”  This signature would later be adapted into the expression “From Your Valentine” which is still used today from large published like American Greetings.  Years later, another embellishment emerged from the story of Valentine’s Day.  Some historians argued that Saint Valentine would perform secret Christian weddings for soldiers that could not wed.  In addition, Saint Valentine was said to have cut hearts from parchment to give to soldiers as a reminder of their commitment.  

2Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout the world with diverse traditions in each location.  In the Norfolk, Jack Valentine leaves sweets and presents for children outside the rear door of their houses.  This particular tradition has spanned over centuries.  In Slovenia, Saint Valentine is associated with the growth of flora and the marriage of birds.  In Korea, it is custom for women to give men boxes of chocolates on Valentine’s Day.  One month later, men are expected to return the favor.  

Interestingly enough, the custom of exchanging cards and flowers on Valentine’s Day was first noted in the early part of the twentieth century.  In the second half of the 20th century, the practice of exchanging gifts really skyrocketed.  Nowadays, approximately 190 million Valentine’s Day cards as sent each year.  According to one website, the average American spent $131 on Valentine’s Day in 2015!  

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