7 Feb

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is next Sat­ur­day and we’re here to be your offi­cial Valentine’s Day Spir­it Guide.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s love. And every­thing that comes along with it! In case you missed it, we have a three foot tall HEART in our win­dow right now. It’s awe­some.


What about a set of Valentine’s Day Cards? Say no more.

They're so stinkin cute

They’re so stink­in cute!

A per­fect small gift for your dude or lady, you say?

Spa like ,cuddly, or relaxing!

Spa like ‚cud­dly, or relax­ing!

Look­ing for some­thing a bit more more tan­ta­liz­ing?

*kitten purring sound*

*kit­ten purring sound*

How about the per­fect amount of cute?

IMG_5395We’ve got some­thing for every­one this Valentine’s Day, so come and see us!

So, what do you think?