Are ninjas awesome?

Lurking in the shadows. Disguised as people you don't know. Hanging from ceiling by their toes and throwing shuriken. Ninjas are the shit. And pretty much everybody agrees. To the point where it was like a fad and annoying for a minute. But the internet world goes on and I flipping love ninjas still.


Look at these chumps.

December 5th is Ninja Day, or Day of the Ninja if you like, and is a day to celebrate the shinobi (Japanese for ninja, duh.) And no matter how you feel about Naruto (*cough* garbage *coughcough*) anybody can have a good time with Ninja Day. This is a day wear it's acceptable and encouraged to ninja around your regualar life. Wear a ninja mask all day. Sneak around behind your coworkers and see how long it takes them to notice. Let them know how many times and in how many ways you could have killed them while doing so. I'm just spit ballin' here. But you don't have to hide your ninja identity. You can silently shout it from the rooftops on December 5th.


Muuuuuuch better.

What's crazy is that, even though our society is in love with the ninja, he (or she sometimes) was historically  very sparse in mention. Japan has always been about the beauty and honor of combat. To the point where dishonoring yourself meant running your own sword through your own stomach. This was Seppuku. You didn't mess around in the age of the samurai. It wasn't until the 15th century that stealth tactics became acceptable and in widespread use. But even then the entire point of the ninja was to do dirty work that you didn't want to talk about. And you definitely didn't want anybody else to talk about it. So between that fact and the reverence of honor in Japanese culture, the actual ninja got few mentions in the grand histories.  It's kind of amazing that we even know about them now!  Oh well.  Ninja on!


Yes they are.

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