We are officially finished with our first book!  Though at times challenging (sometimes, magical realism can be really obtuse, you guys), the group's consensus seemed to be that Little, Big was a gorgeous, thought-provoking read.  I definitely encourage everyone to pick it up sometime soon; we just got a fresh shipment AND we can tell you all about it now that we've read it!  


The Gang discussing "Little, Big."

So, you're probably wondering what's next!  Well, geez, hold on a tic.  I'll get there eventually.  But don't you want to hear more about the meeting?

After finishing up our discussion of Little, Big we talked a little about our other current reads.  Adam is just now ending a months long Tolkien binge-reading spree (if you're a fellow LoTR fan, you NEED to talk to him about the series).  JP is reading Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath as part of her mission this year to read a book a week (Godspeed, JP.  Godspeed...).  And Michael just started The Martian by Andy Weir (and so far I'm not enjoying it but I will prevail!).

Grapes of Wrath

But seriously...

Sadly, Carly wasn't able to attend t his past meeting, so tarot readings have been placed on hold for now, since they don't really jive with next month's book pick, but more on that LATER.  Stop trying to change the subject.  We did, however, pursue a lengthy discussion of Ricky Gervais's body of work, and how he is quite possibly the world's most annoying actor vis-a-vis his role in the film version of Stardust (branching off from an earlier discussion of Neil Gaiman, because obviously Neil Gaiman is a talking point of every book klub meeting).

And then we talked about SHAILENE WOODLEY because she is sweet and pretty and oh, ya know, she may have shopped at Kards Unlimited not too long ago (and bought a copy of The Fault In Our Stars!!!).  We are so planning a group outing to see the movie this summer.  And to get you all in the mood, I'm going to link to a hilarious interview where Shailene talks about her New Age-y philosophy regarding food and sunbathing.  LOVE HER.

yer divergent tris

Ok, ok.  I suppose it's time to announce our next book klub book, which issssssss {[(*pause for dramatic effect*)]} The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer!  This is a fantastic spring read and it just came out in paperback.  We are fully stocked so stop in and grab your copy!  Our next meeting will be Sunday, May 18th @6pm.  Hope to see everyone there!


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