I can't even.

I can't even.

When you're a small child, everything seems to be going pretty smoothly. You get to eat a variety of mushy foods that cover the spectrum of taupe to sand-colored, people come immediately to your aid if you fall down and cry, and most importantly, at least once a day you get to nap.

The nap. A twenty-minute (or two-hour) hiatus from the day, a period of recharging the batteries so that one can greet the afternoon with vim and vigor. Your coffee has faded, you ate a little too much at lunch, and you're just plain tired. You can either drag yourself through the afternoon, or you can nap for a little and actually enjoy  your afternoon.

It's set up from birth: this is the natural way of things. But then, right around when you're six years old, they take it away. They take away your nap time. The bastards make you stay awake the entire day.


This is naturally a traumatic time for us as humans. It's one we all go through, and as we age the pain lessens. We become used to the injustice. We as a culture revere the working lunch, the overtime, the Sundays at the office, so for the adult American naps are anathema.

This dude. He's got the right idea.

This dude. He's got the right idea.

But not today. Today, National Napping Day, is the day to reclaim the glory of years past. Today we admit that maybe we're a little grumpy around one o'clock and could use a little rest. We worked hard all morning, and we deserve a little break. Today, I want us all to lay down and mumble: "I nap and I'm proud!"

Be Like the Panda

Be Like the Pandas

PS. Nap dreams are the best. You aren't asleep long enough to drop into deep sleep, so your mind stays relatively active and your dreams are correspondingly wild. Ask me about the Kards Unlimited Travelling Circus and Variety Show. That was a good one.

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