31 Dec


Hello there, and welcome to the Kards Unlimited family. For those of you who may not be familiar with Kards Unlimited, here's the deal: We are a 3rd generation family owned retail experience! We are unique, eclectic, sometimes irreverent, sometimes weird (and we are referring to both the staff and the store). In short, we are as far removed from a "Hallmark style" cookie-cutter chain store as you can get. Through this blog we want to share with you what makes us different, and why that's a good thing. We will be posting at least weekly, although when we get going I think it will be much more as we love to hear ourselves talk. We have been amusing ourselves and the Shadyside community for more then 40 years, and now its time to share the love. Please give us feedback and comments, we thrive on discourse! (nerd alert!)

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