1. Baqet III is buried in the Ancient Egyp­tian ceme­tery site, Beni Has­san. Paint­ed in memo­ri­als of life’s loves and life’s joys hiero­glyph­ics donned upon his tomb reflect weavers, acro­bats and, pic­tured below, the ear­li­est known record of jug­gling.
  2. April 18th isn’t World Juggler’s Day. World Juggler’s Day is the Sat­ur­day clos­est to June 17th. April 18th is Inter­na­tion­al Juggler’s Day which is anoth­er way to say World Juggler’s Day which, as you learned ear­lier, isn’t today. I asked over at r/Juggling why this was and user thomthomthomthom pro­vid­ed a reli­able answer: 

  3. In 1998 my moth­er and I come across a jug­gler at Mon­roeville Mall who was demon­strat­ing and sell­ing a VHS instruc­tion­al video and 3 ball set from a com­pa­ny called More Balls Than Most which mom bought on the spot for me. From their pristine, suc­cinct and humor­ous instruc­tion I grew skilled in tech­ni­cal jug­gling tricks such as; the cas­cade, show­ers, the reverse cas­cade, columns, the yo-yo, the oy-oy, the claw (what it would look like if cats could jug­gle), Mill’s Mess, Rubenstein’s Revenge and, my mother’s per­son­al favorite, juggler’s ten­nis.
  4. Clouds of dancers and fog pall over the whole stage; lights crash, a creak­ing and woo­ing-ahhs and yelps of the choir spill over as a half-lizard/half-man appears from his smog­gy chrysal­is emerg­ing into a heap of human–ish form. The clouds part, a cos­mic witch of the stars peers through the dark­ness and drops a ball into his hand. I am enrap­tured by the poet­ic menagerie of Vik­tor Kee’s use of his body, the con­quer­ing of the space around him, all for the jug­gle.

  5. In 2000 my high school gym teacher Mr. Veri­co had to put up with not only me but also Shan­non Nor­man in his class. Some­times he’d teach the whole class yelling from his best Hen­ry Rollins impres­sion (whom he looked like) while wear­ing Shannon’s stud­ded and punk patch bedecked leather jack­et just to make a point; we were peo­ple to him, we weren’t just high school kids. For 2 years Veri­co let me jug­gle as my gym cred­it. I showed him pro­gress, he chart­ed it, I aced it. 
  6. Con­tact jug­gling is when the ball, usu­al­ly a large, heavy, clear acrylic ball, glides smooth­ly across the sur­face of the juggler’s body. David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth, for exam­ple, is con­tact jug­gling. BUT! IT’S NOT BOWIE! It is Michael Moschen who is crouched, blind­ed, behind David Bowie and with his right arm under Bowie’s arm he is the jug­gler behind the Gob­lin King’s crys­tal balls. 

  7. In 2010 I made 6 videos for a friend on the basics of jug­gling and how to get start­ed. Heav­i­ly influ­enced by More Balls Than Most I imi­tat­ed their teach­ing style and made a sar­cas­ti­cal­ly awk­ward set of instruc­tion­al videos rid­den with snarky quips about my balls. Here’s step 1! 

  8. I spent much of 2016’s sum­mer in the park film­ing myself and shar­ing the videos on Insta­gram and on YouTube when, through var­i­ous video edit­ing apps and after an inci­dent of acci­den­tal artistry, I found I was able to con­vert my videos from what jug­gling looks like into what jug­gling looks like to me. The video series shows the tran­scen­den­tal­ly emo­tion­al, psy­cho­log­i­cal and psy­che­delic con­nec­tion that I have to jug­gling. I have nev­er felt as if I were sin­gu­lar but rather, some­thing plu­ral and as I have always referred to myself as “we” and or “us” then that makes me a “they.” In the video series I show my selves in coop­er­a­tion; I show you them, work­ing as one. 

  9. In 2016 Ship­wreck Asun­der is in the mid­dle of bar­ber school dream­ing of straight razors and car­ni­val tents when Mike Willis and T.J. Har­ris at Mod­ern Era Wed­dings call him up and hire him to wran­gle Pittsburgh’s finest cir­cus artists. Mod­ern Era Wed­dings (win­ners of 9 “The Knot” awards), a full ser­vice wed­ding enter­tain­ment, plan­ning, DJ, and doc­u­men­ta­tion com­pa­ny decides, “you know what? Pitts­burgh needs a full ser­vice, com­pre­hen­sive cir­cus arts col­lab­o­ra­tive and we’re going to give them one!” Ship­wreck calls me, tells me to get my balls and meet him in the South Side for prac­tice. Now after 18 years of jug­gling I accept my first job as a jug­gler. I choose the stage name Zero, a char­ac­ter from my children’s-book-for-adults “The Adven­tures of Zero and The Girl” which, with all the world’s fin­gers crossed, will be pub­lished and on sale at Kards Unlim­it­ed in the near­ing future. 
  10. Speak­ing of the near­ing future… I will be work­ing with Kards Unlim­it­ed staff to devel­op a jug­gling props and mag­ic tricks sec­tion for the store. How will you know Kards Unlim­it­ed will be sell­ing jug­gling props and mag­ic tricks? Why you’ll see me and my friends from Pittsburgh’s Cir­cus Arts Col­lab­o­ra­tive (web­site com­ing soon!) giv­ing demon­stra­tions and inspir­ing the youth of today to fol­low in our play­ful foot­steps. Per­haps one day some child’s moth­er will turn him or her into a jug­gler because of me. Which I think would be pret­ty slick.
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