The 20th is the birth­day of that dev­il­ish­ly hand­some rap­scal­lion of a brown­coat, Mal­colm Reynolds!


He’s sexy and he knows it

For those of you who are not aware, allow me to go a lit­tle fan­girl on you. It begins with the show that has a huge cult fol­low­ing, Fire­fly. Mal is the cap­tain of Ser­en­tiy, a trad­ing ship. He’s a rogue out­law with a heart of gold. The show is basi­cal­ly a West­ern… IN SPACE! Mal is Han Solo but bet­ter. Believe me there has been much, much debate on this sub­ject, and I’m going to have to agree with geek­dad.


I’ll be the peanut but­ter in THAT sand­wich

Mal has the ten­den­cy to get into tight spots but is always ready with a well aimed quip or barb, no mat­ter how ridicu­lous the sit­u­a­tion is.


At least you’re hon­est


Busi­ness, he means it


Oh yes, please do

Cap­tain Reynolds is a super badass. A nat­u­ral lead­er, wit­ty, a bit of a scoundrel with a soft heart (although you’ll count your­self lucky if you EVER see it), he’s pret­ty much my dream guy. So Hap­py Birth­day Mal, you adorable hunk, you.






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