The 20th is the birthday of that devilishly handsome rapscallion of a browncoat, Malcolm Reynolds!


He's sexy and he knows it

For those of you who are not aware, allow me to go a little fangirl on you. It begins with the show that has a huge cult following, Firefly. Mal is the captain of Serentiy, a trading ship. He's a rogue outlaw with a heart of gold. The show is basically a Western... IN SPACE! Mal is Han Solo but better. Believe me there has been much, much debate on this subject, and I'm going to have to agree with geekdad.


I'll be the peanut butter in THAT sandwich

Mal has the tendency to get into tight spots but is always ready with a well aimed quip or barb, no matter how ridiculous the situation is.


At least you're honest


Business, he means it


Oh yes, please do

Captain Reynolds is a super badass. A natural leader, witty, a bit of a scoundrel with a soft heart (although you'll count yourself lucky if you EVER see it), he's pretty much my dream guy. So Happy Birthday Mal, you adorable hunk, you.






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