21 Jul

Zoo Keeper Week

I went to the Zoo just about every year when I was a kid. But for some rea­son, my most vivid mem­o­ry from the zoo is scrap­ing my knee and cry­ing by the polar bears. It was a great time.

How­ev­er, when we were choos­ing blogs this mon­th, I just knew that I need­ed to write some­thing. Because despite not real­ly being like the most enthu­si­as­tic per­son when it comes to zoo vis­its, I can per­son­al­ly tell you about my time at Steve Irwin’s house.

Okay, no. That’s a lie. I was at his Zoo. But he grew up there! At the zoo! his house is on the prop­er­ty! He got to wake up every morn­ing and feed those croc­o­diles.

The day I was at Steve Irwin’s zoo, it was pret­ty cloudy. So my pic­tures aren’t the best. But I want­ed to share them with you, because it was super cool to be walk­ing the same ground that Steve Irwin walked on. In Aus­tralia. Oh, hey. did I men­tion that I went to Aus­tralia? yeah­h­h­hh.

Any­way, here are some pic­tures of Steve Irwin’s back yard. Lit­er­al­ly.

steve jumps

There were pic­tures of Steve every­where.

koala inside

We got to pet this guy.

koala in a tree

So sleepy! .…Which was most­ly what they were like the whole day.

roo heaven

You get to just wan­der loose with the Roos

kanga kisses

Roo Kiss­es!!

feeding me

I got to feed the lit­tle guys! And also scritch them.


no, that is not a real croc. It IS, how­ev­er, a life-sized mod­el. OMG.

croc in water

This crock is about to get fed. in front of us.

croc feeding

That real­ly brave guy is hand­ing the giant male croc meats. From his hand. He does it mul­ti­ple times a day, but he was still ner­vous as hell.


So, what do you think?