21 Jul

Zoo Keeper Week

I went to the Zoo just about every year when I was a kid. But for some reason, my most vivid memory from the zoo is scraping my knee and crying by the polar bears. It was a great time.

However, when we were choosing blogs this month, I just knew that I needed to write something. Because despite not really being like the most enthusiastic person when it comes to zoo visits, I can personally tell you about my time at Steve Irwin's house.

Okay, no. That's a lie. I was at his Zoo. But he grew up there! At the zoo! his house is on the property! He got to wake up every morning and feed those crocodiles.

The day I was at Steve Irwin's zoo, it was pretty cloudy. So my pictures aren't the best. But I wanted to share them with you, because it was super cool to be walking the same ground that Steve Irwin walked on. In Australia. Oh, hey. did I mention that I went to Australia? yeahhhhh.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Steve Irwin's back yard. Literally.

steve jumps

There were pictures of Steve everywhere.

koala inside

We got to pet this guy.

koala in a tree

So sleepy! ....Which was mostly what they were like the whole day.

roo heaven

You get to just wander loose with the Roos

kanga kisses

Roo Kisses!!

feeding me

I got to feed the little guys! And also scritch them.


no, that is not a real croc. It IS, however, a life-sized model. OMG.

croc in water

This crock is about to get fed. in front of us.

croc feeding

That really brave guy is handing the giant male croc meats. From his hand. He does it multiple times a day, but he was still nervous as hell.


So, what do you think?