Book Bingo 2020

Have more free time than you know what to do with? We're here to help! Join us in this super snarky, definitely fun game of BOOK BINGO!
For those of you who are new to the game: THERE ARE PRIZES!

Each Bingo Square you cross off gives you 2 points. At the end of the game your number of points will equal the number of entries you have in our WINNER RAFFLE FOR KU GIFT CERTIFICATES! The first name pulled get $75, and the second gets $25.
That's right, we're leaving it to chance. That means, the more you read, the better chance you'll have at winning. But it ALSO means, it's any person's game. Even if you only cross off ONE square, you have a (small) chance at getting lucky.

Each time you call 'Bingo', you'll get a 10% coupon to use on one item of your choice!

The prizes will be released AFTER we re-open. Start playing today to win a 'I can leave my home now and I NEED to go shopping!' treat!

Keep checking back - We're going to be releasing some suggested reading lists for each of the book squares. And as always, please feel free to ask us for ideas and recommendations. That is our favorite thing to do ever.

Playing is pretty simple: Read the book or complete the action on a Bingo Square and then post about it on Facebook or Instagram!

For the super detailed, in-depth instructions, keep reading. We can't wait to PLAY!

Books! When you post to Instagram or Facebook, make sure you include:

-a picture of the book! (If you listened to the audiobook or read it on an e-reader, take a picture of the book pulled up on your device.)
-which square you're crossing off! (Only one square per book.
-a tag! @KardsUnlimited
-a hash! #bookbingopandemic

Pictures! When you post to Instagram or Facebook, make sure you include:

-the needed picture!
-a tag! @KardsUnlimited
-a hash! #bookbingopandemic

Videos! When you post to Instagram or Facebook, make sure you include:

-the video!
-a tag! @KardsUnlimited
-a hash! #bookbingopandemic

Bonus points if your post makes us laugh or makes our Grinch hearts grow three sizes!!

Who am I kidding, we are definitely Whos at Kards Unlimited.

When you get Bingo, (5 squares vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) you'll win a 10% off coupon for one item of your choice! Make sure you're keeping track at home. Just like in real bingo, you have to tell us you have a bingo in order to win. We'll be keeping track of your squares and will double check you!

Make sure you include:

-a tag! @kardsunlimited
-a hash! #bookbingopandemic

-One square per book! Yes, we know that some books have dragons AND lady heroes (we’ve read most of them) but you have to read TWO books to cross off both squares.

-One book per day! Speed readers, just save those books for another post on another day! And make sure you don't wait until last minute to post all your books. We are curious peeps and want to know what you're reading :)

-Post PUBLICLY on Facebook or Instagram, tag us, and include #KUBookBingo to get credit for your squares. Each post requires a video or a picture. Mostly it’s just pictures of the book you’re reading, but some squares require a little something extra. Make sure you check out the description for each square to get all the details. Your post should say which square you're crossing off. Also, if you have a bingo, say it LOUD!