Bingo Squares – Cabin Fever

This is the Bingo game you've been waiting for! This year, we've included a lot of video and picture squares. We miss you and we want to see your beautiful faces!!!!!!

Don't worry, there are still plenty of books to be read! Keep scrolling for definitions of all the squares.

Rapunzel Rapunzel - stories about being locked in some place forever.
Pandemic Pantry - cookbooks you are using or cookbooks you WISH you could use if only you could get to the store…..
Say Hello! - post a video just saying hi. We miss you.
Obligatory Pet Pic - send us a picture of your pet. Don’t have a pet? Stuffies work. Or ask your neighbor (on the phone) if they can stop on the sidewalk outside with their pupper so you can snap a pic from your front stoop. (but remember, SIX FEET, NO TOUCHING)
The Kingdom Crumbles - stories about governments or monarchies that completely fail at doing the thing.
These are my Friends Now - find your childhood stuffed animals and set them up in your window so that passers-by can say hi!
From a Distance… - waving at people from a distance.
Plague reading about plagues! 🙃🙃🥳 - fictional books about epidemics. Yeah, we're going there. This is our life now.
The Kids are Alright - stories about young people saving the world.
Quarantine Buddy - person, animal or the latest object you've started talking to.
We Write Letters Now - a story set in a time where everything was far away so you had to actually write peoples letters and then wait WEEKS to hear back from them.
Dragons - just dragons. That’s all.
Don’t Touch Your Face! (Free Square) - seriously, don’t.
No Place to Go -get dressed up for a night out. And then stay in. Send pics of yourself doing things at home in your fancy outfit!
Dystopian Fiction AKA Current Events. - no explanation needed.
Victory Gardens - a book about gardening! How are YOU planning on feeding yourself this summer?
TIGER KING - No, you don't HAVE to watch Tiger King. We're looking for your latest guilty pleasure binge. You maybe didn't tell your friends that you watched a whole season of The Bachelor, but we want you to tell us.
Real But Not the News - Non-fiction that is completely unrelated to plagues or politics.
Soothe Your Soul - like comfort food, but with books instead. Choose one of our Staff fave comfort books or choose your own!
COVID CHRISTMAS - pull out your Christmas lights or decorations! Put them up! It's a thing! #trending
Read Us a Story! - post it and also share with us which celebrity reading a kids book made your heart swell! (Worried about copyright things? Neil Gaiman has given blanket permission for people to read his stories to other people on video right now! He has one million short stories, so don’t limit yourself to kids books!)
Getting Graphic - read a graphic novel! We have ideas! Don’t have any at home? There are some free trials out there for e-reading graphic novels. You can always always ask us for advice.
Distractions - a book about an adventure. This is the only way you will ever have an adventure again ever.
We Can’t Go Back - books about activism. Books about systemic change. Books about Queer theory or intersectional social justice.
TBR pile - you know you have a stack of books you've been meaning to read for five million years. Now is the time.

Here is a link to a list of suggestions for each of these categories!!

Extra Bonus Points:
Quarantine Chorus Line
- can you actually get your neighbors to sing with you from their windows? Dooooo ittttttt.