*Andy & Blair's Pick*

I can’t even begin to say how awesome this book is. Eggers plays with the reader from the start by sneaking into the copyright page and adding funny snippets to it-a very post modern move-to always remind the reader not to take the thing in their hand for granted. Eggers broke new ground with this book; it hovers in free space between several poles- truth and fiction, youth and adulthood, popular and underground cultures; they all flow through this story of Eggers’ move to California with his younger brother following the deaths of their parents-31 days apart from each other. Moments like this are the heartbreaking side of this book, and the staggering genius comes in when he describes such heartbreak with his unique postmodern mix of humor and irony.  He was a candidate for the first MTV Real World, and the transcript of the interview is included. I mean c’mon. That’s pretty neato.:)

So, what do you think?