*Henry's Pick*

This book threw a bomb into everything I knew when I was young. At that time I only knew how to wrap my head around my backyard, and this book gave me the entire universe. It was my introduction to infinity. No longer was it just something I drew in the margins of my homework. A Wrinkle in Time made infinity as tangible as I think it will ever be for me, folding it into something that I could fit in my pocket. Even after delving into the world of theoretic physics and theories about multiple dimensions, the ideas in this book still hold. However, I think the greatest lesson in this book dealt with the opposite of infinity, which to me is fate. A mysterious character named Mrs. Whatsit compares fate to a sonnet. A sonnet has a strict form. There are 14 lines, all in iambic pentameter, but within these lines you can write whatever you want. I think this is as hopeful an outlook on fate you will ever find in print.

So, what do you think?