41le8ej-fiL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_How many times can I read this book before tiring of it?  I think it’s impossible to tire of this phenomenal piece of writing.  It’s part philosophy, part dystopian future, part ethnography.  This book makes me afraid for our future, especially in America.  If you’re in the mood to think about some deep shit, you must read this book.  Plus, it’s a classic and Huxley’s writing is lyrically pleasing.

I’m going to be honest; I despise pretty much every character.  The characters are weak and don’t ask questions.  I’m a question asker and a rule breaker, just ask the headmaster at my high school.  One character questions the culture he has been born into, and things don’t go swimmingly for him.

In Huxley’s culture, childbirth is considered barbaric, whilst ingesting drugs to make you happy and having wild orgies is totally acceptable behavior. It makes one think about culture and who creates culture.  Are we a product of our culture, or is our culture a product of us?  Who has power?  Who has agency?  What are we leaving behind?  What will people remember?

Huxley’s masterpiece has been read and re-read for decades and for good reason.  More exciting than 1984, more terrifying than Gattaca, and believable enough to be majorly unsettling, it’s a book that demands to be read!  So if you’ve been slacking off in the classics department this is a great place to start.  Drop some soma and cancel your orgy-porgy plans to snuggle up in bed with Brave New World before all the books disappear!

So, what do you think?