Gold­en Com­pass by Philip Pull­mangc1
When I was about 8 or 9, my broth­er and I found our­selves dragged along to a week-long con­fer­ence for seri­ous grownups. We basi­cal­ly spent the entire week stuck in a swel­ter­ing, sticky dorm room with noth­ing to do but col­or pic­tures of jesus (it was a suu­u­per Chris­tian con­fer­ence) and lis­ten to audio­books.
When I put it like that, it sounds hor­ren­dous, doesn’t it? But hon­est­ly, this week is one that I remem­ber with fond­ness. The audio book we had cho­sen was The Gold­en com­pass, and I was entranced. I fell head­first into the won­der­ful world where every­one had their very own forever best friend, where witch­es were wise wom­en and gyp­sies saved the day, and one very loy­al Polar bear took care of that one very head­strong lit­tle girl. It didn’t mat­ter to me at all that I was being cooked alive in a strange room, and I espe­cial­ly didn’t mind that I was stuck in the same room as my EVIL lit­tle broth­er. We didn’t fight once, and that’s a huge com­pli­ment to the sto­ry.
I still re-read the Gold­en Com­pass every once in a while. And each time I read it, I find a lit­tle girl inside of me that can change the world, see the good in every­thing, and also see through lies. I have loved mul­ti­ple copies of this book to pieces, and will con­tin­ue to do so until I can’t see any­more. And then I will lis­ten to it again.

So, what do you think?