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Whenever people talk about children's lit I feel a little left out. I remember reading constantly, but the famous ones that everyone seems to have in common weren't the ones I loved. Except for one. Harold and the Purple Crayon. I read Harold and the Purple Crayon over and over and over again. And then I would force my second grade teacher to let me go back to my first grade class and read it to them because I felt like it needed to be done. This book would help them like it helped me! The idea of being able to create whatever I wanted like Harold, was a concept that got my goat. I lived in my head as a kid so that purple crayon would have come in handy. I identified with Harold. He was most logical person I knew other, than myself. Of course to guard your apples you would need to draw a dragon! Sand also reminded me of picnics which also made me hungry and why have one pie when you can have nine? One of my favorite parts though, was that he was going for a walk in the moonlight. Wherever he went, the moon followed him, just like it followed me. That's how I knew Harold was the truth. Later on in life I ended up writing about Harold to get me into college. I still connect with Harold and having that need to create and watch what other people can create out of nothing. Aside from being a terrific story the illustrations are simple and beautiful and I highly recommend it to everyone in the world.

 "But he didn't seem to be getting anywhere on the long straight path. So he left the path for a short cut across a field. And the moon went with him".  
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