Thank you to everyone who came out to discuss THE STRAIN with us at Book Club!

On Sunday, Book Club got together to talk about the book that is now an FX TV-show: The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. The TV show based on the trilogy of books is now in it's second season, and is pretty bloody and gross and presumably wonderful. I have personally not watched it, but we've had a lot of people looking for the books because they enjoy the show.

So what did we think about this book? Well, as a whole, we were pretty underwhelmed. This book was sufficiently gross for those of us who wanted something bloody and full of bodily fluids, but otherwise it wasn't really scary and sometimes was a little too full of facts that hindered the plot movement.

One of our book club members did read the entire series before book club and was able to tell us what happens in the later books. Normally we try to be spoiler free, but this time there was no one who read the books and cared so much about the story line that they didn't want to be spoiled. And in fact the majority of us have agree that we aren't interested in reading the sequels.

Okay, so full disclosure though, the people who were most vocal about not caring for the book don't really care for horror. So maybe if you're really into the genre it would be better or different or something.

something_wicked_this_way_comes_by_sharksden-d6w8ntcHowever, that being said, let me just say that as a person who hates reading scary things, I was not impressed by this book. I personally read the first couple of chapters hesitantly because I was afraid that I would get scared. but I never did. Not once.

Positive thoughts on the book were that we did like the new take on the classic Vampire story. It was unique and interesting. It was not a virus though, despite the title and the book eluding to it as a virus. That was a bit misleading.

Anyway. that's what we thought about the book. If you have thoughts, we would love to hear them! Please tell us why you love/hate this book series!

Our next book continues in the dark vein: We're reading Ray Bradbury's classic, Something Wicked This Way Comes. Join us on September 27th to talk about it!
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So, what do you think?