Thank you to every­one who came out to dis­cuss THE STRAIN with us at Book Club!

On Sun­day, Book Club got togeth­er to talk about the book that is now an FX TV-show: The Strain by Guiller­mo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. The TV show based on the tril­o­gy of books is now in it’s sec­ond sea­son, and is pret­ty bloody and gross and pre­sum­ably won­der­ful. I have per­son­al­ly not watched it, but we’ve had a lot of peo­ple look­ing for the books because they enjoy the show.

So what did we think about this book? Well, as a whole, we were pret­ty under­whelmed. This book was suf­fi­cient­ly gross for those of us who want­ed some­thing bloody and full of bod­i­ly flu­ids, but oth­er­wise it wasn’t real­ly scary and some­times was a lit­tle too full of facts that hin­dered the plot move­ment.

One of our book club mem­bers did read the entire series before book club and was able to tell us what hap­pens in the lat­er books. Nor­mal­ly we try to be spoil­er free, but this time there was no one who read the books and cared so much about the sto­ry line that they didn’t want to be spoiled. And in fact the major­i­ty of us have agree that we aren’t inter­est­ed in read­ing the sequels.

Okay, so full dis­clo­sure though, the peo­ple who were most vocal about not car­ing for the book don’t real­ly care for hor­ror. So may­be if you’re real­ly into the gen­re it would be bet­ter or dif­fer­ent or some­thing.

something_wicked_this_way_comes_by_sharksden-d6w8ntcHow­ev­er, that being said, let me just say that as a per­son who hates read­ing scary things, I was not impressed by this book. I per­son­al­ly read the first cou­ple of chap­ters hes­i­tant­ly because I was afraid that I would get scared. but I nev­er did. Not once.

Pos­i­tive thoughts on the book were that we did like the new take on the clas­sic Vam­pire sto­ry. It was unique and inter­est­ing. It was not a virus though, despite the title and the book elud­ing to it as a virus. That was a bit mis­lead­ing.

Any­way. that’s what we thought about the book. If you have thoughts, we would love to hear them! Please tell us why you love/hate this book series!

Our next book con­tin­ues in the dark vein: We’re read­ing Ray Bradbury’s clas­sic, Some­thing Wicked This Way Comes. Join us on Sep­tem­ber 27th to talk about it!
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