bookclubipicDearest Book Clubbers!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for joining us for November's Book Club & Pizza Party!

If you couldn't make it, you missed out, guys. There was Pizza. And there were cookies and cider. But most importantly, we had a fantastic discussion about November's book, Lolita!

People had a lot to say about Lolita. Good things, bad things, uncomfortable things, thoughtful things. Just a lot of things. With a book as controversial as Lolita, we expected as much, but it was really fun to see it in action.

The overall concluding opinion was generally this: Those who finished the book might have liked it or not liked it, but they were glad they had pushed through and read it. There are a multitude of references made to the book in modern media, and once you've read the book you get to feel smart and clever when you're able to pick up on them. We like feeling clever.

pizzaIn addition to regular book club, we were having a pizza party to celebrate the end of #KUBannedBookIt! We had a number of players, and two players in particular were fighting hard for first place by reading as many books as possible during the month long contest.
@Silversunlight almost had it by reading 13 banned books! But she was ousted by @AKMerti who read SEVENTEEN banned books!!!! In a little over a month! Yeah, Gurl! @AKMerti won a $50 gift certificate to Kards for being the person who read the MOST books! The second $50 gift Certificate went to a random player, chosen by fate to win: Denise Williams! Congrats guys!

winnersrealOur next book contest will be starting up around February of March! We'll be putting together a BOOK MARCH MADNESS! So stay tuned for your next chance to win money by reading books. :)
The next Book Club will be on January 10th! We'll be discussing Swamplandia! by Karen Russell. Make sure you follow KU's Book Club on Facebook to get updates about book club and some super rad trivia about books!

In the meantime, have a wonderful Holiday!

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