* Henry's Pick*

Hi. My name is Henry, and today in going to talk to you about a book called "let the right one in". I am just batty for vampires, and I have an unquenchable thirst for ANYTHING about them. The genre really got some fangs when vampires moved away from Count "Ascot" Dracula, and toward the desperate animal vampires that actually scare the daylights out of me. "Let the Right One in" takes this to heart (with a stake!). There's nothing frilly about the vampires in this book, and at times they are downright nauseating. However, at the crux of the story is the friendship of two children; one of them a boy struggling with divorce, bullies, and serials killers, and the other a manipulative child vampire who loves puzzles. The nail in the coffin is that even with all the murder, acid-burned faces, creepy sexual tendencies, huffing, and flaming corpses, this book manages to be sweet and tender enough to burn to ash even the most vampire-y of hearts. there you go. best review ever.

So, what do you think?