*Blair's Pick!*

“What do you do when you find out your heart is the wrong kind?” says the supervillain of this story, Dr. Impossible. This comic book turned literary fiction answers this question through the alternating perspectives of super villain and superhero. I am so excited about this book I can’t stand it, I am in full nerd mode already searching out the author online hoping he will be my friend. The development of each character is stunning not only in substance but also timing; the unbelievably rich origin stories of each hero/villain unfold themselves suddenly and unexpectedly-and they’re AWESOME! One minute you’re immersed in an epic battle and the next you’re learning about what Dr Impossible was like in highschool, that his name was Jonathan, that you knew a guy like him, and that maybe things would have been different if he got the girl. But now, he’s fighting off a potbelly and living in a motel, planning his next scheme to conquer the world…his 12th attempt. It’s got other dimensions, time travel, aliens, armies of algae and fungus…what else could you possibly ask for?

So, what do you think?