*Marlie's Pick*

The Giver is a remarkable and memorable sci-fi story about a boy named Jonas. Jonas lives in a seemingly utopian society, there is no poverty, no sickness, no war, no bad memories and everyone is equal and alike. (Very reminiscent of 1984 and Brave New World). ‘The elders’ choose Jonas for a very important task within the community -- he will study under the oldest man in the village and become the keeper of all memories. As he accumulates more memories, he longs to feel real emotion, to be stimulated and inspired, and to be different than everyone else. The Giver is a beautiful, touching and compassionate tale of finding one’s self both emotionally and spiritually. It’s about fitting in while still finding a way to stand out. (…Junior High anyone!?) I read this book years ago as a school assignment and have found myself rereading it almost every year since. (…and yes, I still cry every time).

So, what do you think?