*Customer Pick: Lauren*

The Time Traveler's Wife is the best love story I have ever read.  It is also the only book  I have ever reread in it's entirety immediately upon finishing it. While I reread books all the time, of course, this is the only one I have ever needed to devour again as quickly as possible. The love story is neither hokey nor sappy at all and the characters got so deeply under my skin that I couldn't shake them for months. I wanted to know them, or I guess, to be them. I will not reveal much about the plot here because it'll sound impossibly gimmicky, I will assure you instead, that the author handles her premise with so much astonishing intelligence that you will go back and forth many times to try to string it all together. In fact, you may want to buy 2 copies: 1 to read and 1 to cut and paste in linear chronological order. Or, for now, just buy one. I envy anyone who has not read this book and still has it to look forward to.

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