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I was going to write a review of this, but I found this quote by Christoper Robin Milne (a.k.a. Christopher Robin). I have always seen similarities between The Wind in the Willows and Winnie the Pooh. Both are stories about animals mucking about in a semi-fantastic world, having adventures, but really just getting into and out of trouble with their animal friends.

  • A book that we all greatly loved and admired and read aloud or alone, over and over and over: The Wind in the Willows. This book is, in a way, two separate books put into one. There are, on the one hand, those chapters concerned with the adventures of Toad; and on the other hand there are those chapters that explore human emotions – the emotions of fear, nostalgia, awe, wanderlust. My mother was drawn to the second group, of which “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” was her favourite, read to me again and again with always, towards the end, the catch in the voice and the long pause to find her handkerchief and blow her nose. My father, on his side, was so captivated by the first group that he turned these chapters into the children's play, Toad of Toad Hall. In this play one emotion only is allowed to creep in: nostalgia.
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