24 May

Book Club Wrap-Up: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes!

Book Club was fun-tactic as usual, dear readers! We had some pretty great discussion about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 

For instance, we all kind of thought it was interesting to read about a time and culture where not having a job was like the cream of society and those WITH jobs were looked down upon with distain. HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED. Also, it's a little cray that people just like kept wild leopards and stuff on their estates for kicks. Like, look, here's a leopard  own now!

We decided that these aren't the type of mysteries that you can try and solve along with the book... Sherlock keeps a lot of things to himself. But over all, the stories are a VERY fun read. #worthit!

Next book is....... (drum roll please)


Here's what Goodreads has to say about it: "Under the influence of their charismatic classics professor, a group of clever, eccentric misfits at an elite New England college discover a way of thinking and living that is a world away from the humdrum existence of their contemporaries. But when they go beyond the boundaries of normal morality they slip gradually from obsession to corruption and betrayal, and at last - inexorably - into evil. " DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNN.

We'll be meeting on July 17th, 6pm, in the store to talk about it, so stop by for your copy today!
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11 Apr

Book Club Wrap Up: The Once and Future King Part 2, 3 & 4

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Last night we hosted our April Book Club and talked (again) about The Once and Future King by T.H. White! A big thank you to everyone who joined us. We're still munching on the left-over cookies.
(Yeah, we had cookies. Jealous?) :D

General consensus was that we really like this book, guys. I mean, it has some issues, like the lack of solid female characters, but it is a truely fantastic book to read if you want to familiarize yourself with the story of King Arthur.

If you missed book club and would like to gab about the book with someone, tweet at us, yo! We'll tell you all the feels.

Next up we'll be reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle! We'll be meeting on May 22nd, so stop by soon to get your copy!

22 Feb

February Book Club Wrap-up: Once and Future King Part 1


Thanks bunches to all you book clubbers that sacrificed your beautiful Sunday evening to come talk books with us!

For all you other people that couldn't make it, well. It's okay! We're going to keep talking about this book for next book club as well!!!

That's right, on April 10th, at 6pm, we will be getting together to talk about the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sections of The Once and Future King.

If you haven't started reading the book yet, let me tell you that one of the reasons we're going to keep reading it was that EVERYONE LOVED IT! We were all really excited about continuing on to the next section of the book. In fact, one of our clubbers said that she's been telling everyone she meets to read The Once and Future King. So we're not kidding guys. This one is a gem.

Things we loved in particular: 
Merlin, the skinny old man in running shorts when everyone else is in tunics and leggings.
Merlin, popping in and out of time. hilarious.
Robin Wood! (not hood. wood.)
Done. Done. Not done.
That questing beast, guys. <3

Things that grossed us out:
The house made of Meat...??? What was that??? LOLZ

See yinz in April!!

16 Nov

November Book Club Wrap-up: Lolita

bookclubipicDearest Book Clubbers!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for joining us for November's Book Club & Pizza Party!

If you couldn't make it, you missed out, guys. There was Pizza. And there were cookies and cider. But most importantly, we had a fantastic discussion about November's book, Lolita!

People had a lot to say about Lolita. Good things, bad things, uncomfortable things, thoughtful things. Just a lot of things. With a book as controversial as Lolita, we expected as much, but it was really fun to see it in action.

The overall concluding opinion was generally this: Those who finished the book might have liked it or not liked it, but they were glad they had pushed through and read it. There are a multitude of references made to the book in modern media, and once you've read the book you get to feel smart and clever when you're able to pick up on them. We like feeling clever.

pizzaIn addition to regular book club, we were having a pizza party to celebrate the end of #KUBannedBookIt! We had a number of players, and two players in particular were fighting hard for first place by reading as many books as possible during the month long contest.
@Silversunlight almost had it by reading 13 banned books! But she was ousted by @AKMerti who read SEVENTEEN banned books!!!! In a little over a month! Yeah, Gurl! @AKMerti won a $50 gift certificate to Kards for being the person who read the MOST books! The second $50 gift Certificate went to a random player, chosen by fate to win: Denise Williams! Congrats guys!

winnersrealOur next book contest will be starting up around February of March! We'll be putting together a BOOK MARCH MADNESS! So stay tuned for your next chance to win money by reading books. :)
The next Book Club will be on January 10th! We'll be discussing Swamplandia! by Karen Russell. Make sure you follow KU's Book Club on Facebook to get updates about book club and some super rad trivia about books!

In the meantime, have a wonderful Holiday!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


28 Sep

September Book Club Wrap-Up: Something Wicked

BCSWWe had an amazing turn out at book club this month! No one is actually surprised though, because that's what happens when you read Ray Bradbury! Especially Something Wicked This Way Comes.

So here's a big thank you to everyone who stopped by and made it super fun! We talked a lot about the themes of the book, what we liked and didn't like. Here are some thoughts we had:

-The scary carnival thing has been used a lot, but it was really important to remember when reading this book that Ray Bradbury was the original!

-There was a mixed opinion about the prose of the book. Some of us found it truely beautiful and the best part of the book. Some of us felt like it distracted from the story. Everyone's opinions are valid, but we all know who is right and who is wrong.

- We talked a lot about Autumn people, dust people, and what caused people to be drawn to the dark.

-We discussed the storytelling style of the writing: was this book full of actual magic, or did the boys just see things that weren't there? Was the darkness in their imagination? In the end, it was clearly a real threat there, but for a minute you couldn't really be sure if Mr. Dark was actually evil or just creepily excited about his carnival.

Over all, this book really caused a heated discussion. Everyone had feelings and thoughts. And I would expect nothing less from Something Wicked This Way Comes.

If you haven't read the book yet, now is the time! Something Wicked is the perfect book for the beginning, middle and end of fall. It is set in October, and you can feel the beginning of cold air and long nights in the writing. Read it now! Do it!bookcover_redo__lolita_alt__by_shawnywithay-d44cjrg

If you have more opinions, please tell us about them! We love talking about books!!



Our next book club will be on November 15th at 6pm! We will be reading Lolita in honor of Banned Book week. The book club for November will also be the pizza party wrap up for #KUBannedBookIt, our current reading contest! For more information about this contest, click the 'Play to Win' tab above or click here!!

18 Aug

August Book Club Review

 Thank you to everyone who came out to discuss THE STRAIN with us at Book Club!

On Sunday, Book Club got together to talk about the book that is now an FX TV-show: The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. The TV show based on the trilogy of books is now in it's second season, and is pretty bloody and gross and presumably wonderful. I have personally not watched it, but we've had a lot of people looking for the books because they enjoy the show.

So what did we think about this book? Well, as a whole, we were pretty underwhelmed. This book was sufficiently gross for those of us who wanted something bloody and full of bodily fluids, but otherwise it wasn't really scary and sometimes was a little too full of facts that hindered the plot movement.

One of our book club members did read the entire series before book club and was able to tell us what happens in the later books. Normally we try to be spoiler free, but this time there was no one who read the books and cared so much about the story line that they didn't want to be spoiled. And in fact the majority of us have agree that we aren't interested in reading the sequels.

Okay, so full disclosure though, the people who were most vocal about not caring for the book don't really care for horror. So maybe if you're really into the genre it would be better or different or something.

something_wicked_this_way_comes_by_sharksden-d6w8ntcHowever, that being said, let me just say that as a person who hates reading scary things, I was not impressed by this book. I personally read the first couple of chapters hesitantly because I was afraid that I would get scared. but I never did. Not once.

Positive thoughts on the book were that we did like the new take on the classic Vampire story. It was unique and interesting. It was not a virus though, despite the title and the book eluding to it as a virus. That was a bit misleading.

Anyway. that's what we thought about the book. If you have thoughts, we would love to hear them! Please tell us why you love/hate this book series!

Our next book continues in the dark vein: We're reading Ray Bradbury's classic, Something Wicked This Way Comes. Join us on September 27th to talk about it!
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30 Jun

“Carry On, Jeeves” wrap up

Thanks to everyone who came out to book club on Sunday! We had a rip-roaring old time, what?
Just look at all these smiling faces!



The general opinion of all in attendance was that everyone should read this book! Why? Well, because it's hilarious! and charming! And just general fun! Quite a few people at book club had already picked up another Wodehouse book to read. And let me tell you, once you've got the bug, you're done for. All the Bertie Wooster is not quite enough Bertie Wooster! 11666160_1456754604624552_7810846338112262679_n

The next book club will be meeting on August 16th at 6pm in the store.
We're switching gears quite drastically with this book! On to the creepy tale of terror: The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan! If you've been aching to get your thrill on, we got you.

See you in August! But also hopefully before then, because there is PLENTY of time to read a million other books (and post them for #KUBookBingo to win prizes) before the next meeting!!!



20 May

KU Book Club Prep: A P.G. Wodehouse Primer!


I can hear it from here!  All of you out there saying, "My goodness, Adam, there are so many P.G. Wodehouse books at KU, how did you pick just one to read for book club?!  And, more importantly, how should I choose some of them to read this summer, since they are great for summer reading and are the funniest books ever?!"  Firstly, let me say that you are very verbose.

Secondly, yes, it can be difficult to know where to begin with Wodehouse (that's wood-house, p.s., not woad-house) but the truth is that you can start anywhere you like.  Wodehouse's books are usually short story collections and while there are over-arching plot lines, he's very good at filling his readers in on what they need to know for the present moment.  Most of the Wodehouse books we carry (he wrote over 100!) come from two main storylines, Jeeves and Wooster and Blandings Castle.

Jeeves and Wooster is about wealthy and scatterbrained Bertie Wooster, the unfortunate situations he and his friends get into, and how his ingenious valet, Jeeves, extricates him from them.  If you're a stickler for chronology, the first three books published were My Man Jeeves in 1919, The Inimitable Jeeves in 1923, and Carry On, Jeeves in 1925.  Carry On, Jeeves contains the story Jeeves Takes Charge which is about how Jeeves came to work for Bertie in the first place, so from a narrative perspective, it's a good place to start and that's why we chose it from the others for a book club selection.  Other great J&W books include Right Ho, Jeeves and Mating Season.

Blandings Castle is concerned with Lord Emsworth and the residents of Blandings Castle, who also get themselves into unfortunate and hilarious situations.  The first BC book is Something Fresh (1915), but we recommend starting with Heavy Weather or Lord Emsworth and Others.  One of Wodehouse's most beloved characters is Psmith (the P is silent, as in pshrimp) and he is part of the BC series.  His first book is Psmith in the City, but we love Leave it to Psmith the best.

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