18 May

May Book Club Wrap-up

Kards Unlim­it­ed Book Club got togeth­er to talk about Star­dust, by Neil Gaiman. We hit on a vari­ety of top­ics: how the book com­pared to the movie, how it com­pared to Gaiman’s oth­er works, how much we love Gaiman in gen­er­al, and how much some of us can’t wait to read it to our lit­tle ones. Yeah, we know, there are swear words, but that’s what white-out is for.

Over­all, this month’s book club was fun and DELICIOUS. One of our love­ly staff mem­bers (her name is Peanut, and every­one shall call her Peanut) decid­ed to get super cre­ative and made a tres lech­es man­go cake with a beau­ti­ful man­go star design on it.
No, we didn’t take pic­tures. and no, we didn’t save you any.
We also had star cook­ies and, of course, cold cider and beer. What would book club be with­out refresh­ment?


Car­ry On, Jeeves

Next mon­th, KU book club will be read­ing P.G. Wodehouse’s Car­ry On, Jeeves. We’ll be meet­ing on June 28th at 6pm with cold cider and prob­a­bly some sort of tea and crum­pets. Scones per­haps. scones are nice.

Car­ry On, Jeeves is a col­lec­tion of 10 short sto­ries about Woost­er and his but­ler, Jeeves. It is full of humor. The British sort. If you’ve ever seen Hugh Lau­rie and Stephen Fry in Jeeves and Woost­er, then you know what you’re in for. If you haven’t.… well, read the book first and then we’ll have a marathon.

Here’s a snip­pet for you:

Don’t leave me, Bertie. I’m lost.”
What do you mean, lost?”
I came out for a walk and sud­den­ly dis­cov­ered after a mile or two that I didn’t know where on earth I was. I’ve been wan­der­ing round in cir­cles for hours.”
Why didn’t you ask the way?”
I can’t speak a word of French.”
Well, why didn’t you call a taxi?”
I sud­den­ly dis­cov­ered I’d left all my mon­ey at my hotel.”
You could have tak­en a cab and paid it when you got to the hotel.”
Yes, but I sud­den­ly dis­cov­ered, dash it, that I’d for­got­ten its name.”
And there in a nut­shell you have Charles Edward Bif­f­en. As vague and wool­len-head­ed a blighter as ever bit a sand­wich.

P.S.!!!! We start­ed a Face­book page JUST for our love­ly book club­bers! Fol­low it for updates on books, times, and heat­ed debates. And prob­a­bly a lot of hilar­i­ty, gen­er­al­ly. 

P.P.S.!!! We gave our book club atten­dees an inside scoop on our upcom­ing SUMMER READING BINGO, which will be fan­tas­tic and fun and there will be prizes and com­pe­ti­tion and most impor­tant­ly, BOOKS! keep check­ing your media out­lets for the big announce­ment! We’re on Face­book, Twit­ter, Insta­gram and in your e-mail

P.P.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE EXCLAMATION POINTS ALMOST AS MUCH AS WE LOVE BOOKS! also shout­ing. we love shout­ing. 


Yes. All of those books are Wode­house. And in our store. Did I men­tion we love Wode­house?

See you all at Book Club!

29 Apr

May KU Book Club Book: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

StardustKU Book Club meets again!

Who? You.

What? Neil Gaiman’s Star­dust.

When? Sun­day May 17, 6 PM.

Where? Here in the store, fools.

Why? WHY NOT?!

From Goodreads, “Hope­less­ly crossed in love, a boy of half-fairy parent­age leaves his mun­dane Vic­to­ri­an-Eng­lish vil­lage on a quest for a fal­l­en star in the mag­i­cal realm. The star proves to be an attrac­tive wom­an with a hot tem­per, who plunges with our hero into adven­tures fea­tur­ing witch­es, the lion and the uni­corn, plot­ting elf-lords, ships that sail the sky, mag­i­cal trans­for­ma­tions, curs­es whose effects rebound, bind­ing con­di­tions with hid­den loop­holes and all the rest.”

Join us for live­ly con­ver­sa­tion, snacks, booze, and did I men­tion how awe­some we are? Yeah. See you there!

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23 Feb

February Book Club Wrap Up & March Book Club Book!

February’s Un-Book Club Tea Par­ty was a smash­ing suc­cess! Check out how love­ly and whim­si­cal it was!

And now, the announce­ment you’ve been wait­ing for! Drum­roll please! *Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* *Drum­ming palms on thighs*

princess-bride-bookOur March KU Book Club Book is The Princess Bride by William Gold­man! That’s right. The book your favorite movie is based on! (Sor­ry. OUR favorite movie.) Adven­ture, romance, and a clas­sic tale await you in this delight­ful nov­el :)

Here’s Kristen’s review!

I know you have seen the movie, and loved it, (who didn’t love it?) but I can’t stress enough that you should also read this book.  Read it for the hilar­i­ous ‘asides’ where Gold­man takes you on an up close and per­son­al tour of both his child and adult­hood.  Read it for the intro­duc­tion, a beau­ti­ful and touch­ing piece of writ­ing (and includes juicy tid­bits about mak­ing the movie).  Read it for the “But­ter­cups Baby” expla­na­tion.  Espe­cial­ly the con­ver­sa­tion Gold­man has with Stephen King (they are friends and have a sort of mutu­al admi­ra­tion soci­ety going, a fact that nev­er fails to delight me).  The first line of the orig­i­nal text reads “This is my favorite book in all the world” and I couldn’t agree more.”

So! We’ll be recon­ven­ing for book club on Sun­day March 22 at 6 PM here are the store.Be there or be square.


15 Feb

February’s (Un)Book Club Book!

Hey y’all. This mon­th, we’re going ALL OUT in hon­or of our book club book, Alice’s Adven­tures in Won­der­land and Through the Look­ing Glass by Lewis Car­roll. What does that mean? It means a frig­gin tea par­ty! A TEA PARTY! Tea, sug­ar, fin­ger sand­wich­es, and BOOK CLUB all in one awe­some place. When is this fan­tas­tic meet­ing? Sun­day Feb­ru­ary 22 at 6PM. Please see the fol­low­ing offi­cial invi­ta­tion for some­thing fan­tas­tic to look at.





19 Jan

KU Book Club Review! What you missed at the best book club in town!

Here's the edition we sell!  It's different from other editions, which is important, turns out!

Here’s the edi­tion we sell! It’s dif­fer­ent from oth­er edi­tions, which is impor­tant, turns out!

A lot!  Yesterday’s meet­ing was very well attend­ed and we had a ton of thoughts and feels about The Alchemist.  Most of us liked the sto­ry, though there were some dis­sent­ing opin­ions.  Here are some inter­est­ing high­lights from the meet­ing!

The Alchemist is some­thing of an inspi­ra­tional piece and its main mes­sage is that every­one should fol­low his or her heart to per­son­al ful­fill­ment.  There was plen­ty to say on that top­ic (includ­ing a fas­ci­nat­ing dis­cus­sion of priv­i­lege and oppor­tu­ni­ty and whether lit­er­al­ly every­one has the chance to fol­low their dreams or if it’s just the peo­ple that can afford to do so…) but some­thing that was coin­ci­den­tal and fun­ny was that we read this book so close to the new year when a lot of peo­ple look at their lives and won­der if they’re on the right path.

We also learned that dif­fer­ent trans­la­tions of books can entire­ly change people’s inter­pre­ta­tions of them!  Seems obvi­ous in ret­ro­spect, but I guess it nev­er occurs to you until it hap­pens to you direct­ly.  In one ear­lier trans­la­tion of The Alchemist, the phrase “Per­son­al Leg­end” is trans­lat­ed sim­ply as “des­tiny.”  Seems innocu­ous enough, right?  But actu­al­ly, it made a dif­fer­ence in how peo­ple inter­pret­ed the book, since des­tiny implies a cer­tain­ty in events that Per­son­al Leg­end avoids.  I dun­no, may­be you had to be there, but it made for good con­ver­sa­tion.

Here’s a snap of (most of) our book club­bers all ready to talk it up!  There actu­al­ly end­ed up being so many peo­ple at the meet­ing that I couldn’t get them all in the frame of my phone!  (Sor­ry friends!)  OH!  Also, it has come to my atten­tion that even some of our loy­al book club­bers didn’t know about KU’s Insta­gram feed!  Sac­ri­lege!  Fol­low along on IG @kardsunlimited

Look how much fun they're about to have!  So much, you guys!

Look how much fun they’re about to have! So much, you guys!

The next book club meet­ing will be at 6 p.m. here at Kards Unlim­it­ed on Feb­ru­ary 22nd!  We’re read­ing 2 (ish) books for that meet­ing, Alice’s Adven­tures in Won­der­land and Through the Look­ing Glass!  Hope to see you all there!

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5 Jan

KU Book Club — January 2015!

Hi and wel­come to 2015! We made it!

KU Book Club is back this mon­th and bet­ter than ever (which I’m sure you weren’t sure was pos­si­ble, I know.) The meet­ing is on Sun­day Jan­u­ary 18 at 6PM here in the store and all are wel­come. As usu­al, booze (for the over 21 crowd) and snick­ey-snacks will be pro­vid­ed. Now! On to the book!

The Alchemist

It’s so pret­ty!

This month’s book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coel­ho.

Here’s a tid­bit about the book from GoodReads: “Paulo Coelho’s enchant­i­ng nov­el has inspired a devot­ed fol­low­ing around the world. This sto­ry, daz­zling in its pow­er­ful sim­plic­i­ty and inspir­ing wis­dom, is about an Andalu­sian shep­herd boy named San­ti­ago who trav­els from his home­land in Spain to the Egyp­tian desert in search of a trea­sure buried in the Pyra­mids. Along the way he meets a Gyp­sy wom­an, a man who calls him­self king, and an alchemist, all of whom point San­ti­ago in the direc­tion of his quest. No one knows what the trea­sure is, or if San­ti­ago will be able to sur­mount the obsta­cles along the way. But what starts out as a jour­ney to find world­ly goods turns into a dis­cov­ery of the trea­sure found with­in. Lush, evoca­tive, and deeply humane, the sto­ry of San­ti­ago is an eter­nal tes­ta­ment to the trans­form­ing pow­er of our dreams and the impor­tance of lis­ten­ing to our hearts.”

Every cus­tomer that com­ments on the book here at the reg­is­ter has only had fan­tas­tic things to say about this book. We hope you will too! See you on the 18th!

29 Sep

Notes from Our September Book Club Meeting!


We had a real­ly great dis­cus­sion about Aimee Bender’s “The Girl in the Flam­ma­ble Skirt.”  Even though the book left many of us feel­ing con­fused and slight­ly let down, there was a lot to love in Bender’s writ­ing style and the book def­i­nite­ly made us ask a ton of ques­tions about gen­der roles, the ways dif­fer­ent peo­ple deal with dif­fi­cult emo­tions, and what the heck was going on with the guy who lost his lips.

It was real­ly cool to add such a staunch­ly post-mod­ern short sto­ry col­lec­tion to our Club’s reper­toire, and I for one will cer­tain­ly be pur­su­ing a few more Ben­der books in the future, if for no oth­er rea­son than to find out if she’s always so frick­in’ weird.  Some of the sto­ries almost every­one liked were Marzi­pan, about a fam­i­ly deal­ing with the deaths of loved ones in very strange ways, The Heal­er, a tale of two mutant girls who grow up in a small town, and The Ring, about a wom­an, her lover/fiance/thief, and their quest for real­ly great presents.

We decid­ed unchar­ac­ter­is­ti­cal­ly quick­ly that our next book will be Mar­garet Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, which is one that at least a few of us have been mean­ing to read for a long time.  Its dystopi­an world will hope­ful­ly sate October’s appetite for the macabre and weird, and it’s def­i­nite­ly a clas­sic, so we’ll be expect­ing a big turnout and a spirit­ed dis­cus­sion!


One last point of order: the love­ly KU couch will be tak­ing its win­ter vaca­tion start­ing today, so our next meet­ing will be held on Octo­ber 19th at 6 p.m. at the Shadyside Cof­fee Tree Roast­ers (right next door to KU!) and we’ll be send­ing out our usu­al email reminder with par­tic­u­lars closer to that date!  Hope to see all our favorite book club­bers (that’s all of you!) then and there! <3!

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15 Sep

Katie Reviews This Month’s Book Club Pick!

Here’s what Katie has to say about The Girl In the Flam­ma­ble Skirt:

flammable skirtA fan­tas­tic debut col­lec­tion of short sto­ries by one of my favorite authors, Aimee Ben­der.  Sto­ries like “Loser,” the tale of a boy who has the mag­i­cal abil­i­ty to find any lost object — except what he him­self has lost — or “The Remem­ber­er,” whose pro­tag­o­nist deals with the loss of a rela­tion­ship when her boyfriend begins to expe­ri­ence “reverse evo­lu­tion,” read like mod­ern-day fairy tales, the absurd ele­ments illu­mi­nat­ing the com­plex, relat­able emo­tions under the sur­face.  This quick read made me want to search out and read every­thing that Aimee Ben­der has ever writ­ten. Weird in the best way pos­si­ble, well writ­ten and com­plete­ly orig­i­nal, The Girl in the Flam­ma­ble Skirt stays with you long after it’s put away on the book shelf.  Try it out and let us know what you think!

Book club meets at the store on Sun­day, Sep­tem­ber 28th at 6pm!