1 Dec

December 2016 Calendar of Events


♫While the merry bells keep ringing/May your every wish come true♫ It's our absolute FAVORITE time of year: the holiday freaking season! We've got so many things to celebrate this month, besides the usual faves, like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Read on to find out what's getting our spirits even higher this month! Read more >>

1 Nov

November 2016 Holidays

november-2016-2Well, Halloween is over so we might as well all go home. JUST KIDDING! IT'S TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!

Well okay, we'll give you some time to adjust, how about for now we just celebrate ALL these super fun holidays that are contained in the month of November! This month holds a slew of fun things! For instance: Sandwich Day (Nov 3), Sesame St Day (Nov 10), I Love To Write Day (Nov 15) and Absurdity Day (Nov 20). Birthdays this month include Hello Kitty (Nov 1), Neil Gaiman (Nov 10), James Bond (Nov 11) and C.S. Lewis (Nov 29). For even more reasons to keep the party rollin', keep reading!


Okay gents (and awesome non-gender conforming women), it's time to start growing your winter upper lip scarf! It's Mustache Month! Otherwise known as Movember. It's also National Model Railroad Month. CHOO CHOO! Oh! And it's Peanut Butter Lovers Month. Personally, peanut butter runs in my blood so this is MY MONTH. But I'll share.


First up in the month is All Saint's Day and National Authors Day (both Nov 1). Get your paprika on for Deviled Egg Day (Nov 2)! Oh here is a great one: Men Make Dinner Day (Nov 3)! Guys, if you need recipes, we have SO MANY awesome cookbooks. It's also Cliché Day and Sandwich Day (both Nov 3). Oh and then the FUN begins! The weekend of the 4th is both Sherlock Holmes Weekend and also Punkin Chunkin Days! Who can solve the mystery of where all the pumpkins went???? I bet Mythbusters took them, guys.
Oh! Also Doctor Strange hits theaters on the 4th.
Don't forget to Remember Remember the 5th of November! And then you can celebrate Marooned without a compass day on November 6th.

Birthdays this weekend include:
Hello Kitty(Nov 1)


It's Dear Santa Letter Week! Are you ready for that? I'm not ready for that, but it's happening. If you're not, there's always Area Code Day and Sesame St. Day (both Nov 10) and Veterans Day (Nov 11) and World Kindness Day (Nov 13)!

Birthdays this week include:
Margaret Mitchell and Bram Stoker (both Nov 8), Neil Gaiman (Nov 10), Kurt Vonnegut and James Bond (Nov 11), and Margaret Atwood (Nov 13).


It's time to dust off the old board games in your closet for Games and Puzzle Week! And then there's I Love To Write Day and National Bundt Pan Day (both Nov 15).
The cutest holiday ever is up next: Have a Party With Your Bear Day (Nov 16). ....I mean, it's cute if you're partying with teddy bears. I guess it could get ugly if you try partying with a wild bear.

Next up is Homemade Bread Day (Nov 17) and Married to a Scorpio Support Day (Nov 18). Then there's Rocky and Bullwinkle Day and World Toilet Day (both Nov 19).
And of course, Absurdity Day on November 20th!

And HELLO DID YOU KNOW that the world of HARRY POTTER is returning to the silver screen on November 18th!!!! Do you have your tickets to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yet? ARE YOU SO EXCITED? We are. We SO are. <3<3<3


Start the week off right with the most TIMELESS HOLIDAY of ALL. Doctor Who Day (Nov 23)! And then, of course, there's Turkey Day. Good ol' stuff your face full of stuffing day! But did you know that this year Thanksgiving and All Our Uncles are Monkeys Day are the SAME DAY (Nov 24). So make sure to bring that banana pudding to Thanksgiving dinner for your Favorite uncle Harry. He will be so confused.

Of course, the day after Thanksgiving day is so very well know! It's You're Welcome Day(Nov 25)! Oh. And also Black Friday.

This Sunday, Nov 27th, marks the start of Advent, so Christmas is officially STARTING. Are you ready?

Birthdays this week include:
Frances Hodgson Burnett (Nov 24)


Only one holiday this week, but it's a great one! It's French Toast Day on November 28th, so Treat Yo' Self.

Birthdays this week include:
Jon Stewart (Nov 28), Madeline L'Engle and C.S. Lewis (both Nov 29)

29 Sep

October 2016 Events and Holidays


Welcome October! Things may be cooling down, but there's still plenty of fun to be had! October is National Chili MonthNational Popcorn Popping Month and Raptor Month! We're also celebrating Name Your Car Day (Oct 2), National Pierogi Day (Oct 8),  Be Bald and Free Day (Oct 14), National Frankenstein Day (Oct 29) and of course, HALLOWEEN (Oct 31)! Birthdays this month include Mario Lemieux (Oct 5), William Penn (Oct 15), Sylvia Plath (Oct 27)  and Alf (Oct 28). Also! KU Book Club will be meeting on October 9th to talk about Neil Gaiman's American Gods! For more FUN FUN FUN, keep on reading!





October is freaking PACKED with month long celebrations. Seriously. Look at this line-up. October is National Chili MonthNational Apple Month, National Cookbook MonthNational Field Trip Month,  National Baking Month and  National Popcorn Popping Month! And those are just the NATIONAL holidays.  It's also Pizza Month,  Adopt a Shelter Dog MonthSarcastic Month, and Raptor Month! Seriously, if you think October is boring, you CRAY.


Start your month out on the right foot with International Frugal Fun Day (Oct 1). All those fall festivals can start adding up, so if you spend the first Saturday of the month doing something fun and free, you'll have more money to spend on PUMPKINS. (This coming from the girl who spent $200 on pumpkins last year. TO BE FAIR I WAS BUYING THEM FOR MY WEDDING. Still. I love pumpkins. And Fall. And October.)

Here's a great FREE frugal fun idea: Doors Open Pittsburgh (Oct 1 - 2)! A bunch of buildings downtown will be open to the public for FREE behind the scenes tours! If you're the type of person who likes to look in people's bathroom cabinets (face it, we're ALL that type of person) then this event is for you!

Next up is Name Your Car Day  and Phileas Fogg's Wager Day (both Oct 2). 10/4 is Ten-Four Day. Obviously. It's also Vodka Day. I personally plan on celebrating both those holidays HARD. Gonna bust out my Hamm Radio and get drunk off my butt and sing sea shanties to the truck drivers, TEN-FOUR, YOU HEAR ME?

After celebrating Vodka day, you might feel the need to reset your system. Which is super convenient, because National Kale Day is on October 5th. And everyone knows that Kale is the best for a hangover. When it is served with a side of a whole pig's worth of bacon, of course.

October 6th is Mad Hatter Day. Please come to Kards and try on all of our hats. I'm not kidding. We have a lot of hats. The Girl on the Train hits theaters on the 7th and then the 8th is Pittsburgh's all time favorite holiday: National Pierogi Day!


While you're making Pierogis with your amazing polish grandma, make sure you ask her about her young life. It's National Storytelling Weekend (Oct 7 - 9) and stories about our grandparents past are, in my humble opinion, some of the very best stories.

Birthdays this week include:
Snoopy (Oct 2), Anne Rice (Oct 4), Mario Lemieux (Oct 5), and Count von Count (Oct 9)


It's National Angel Food Cake Day (Oct 10). If you don't have a nice Angel Food Cake to eat, you can celebrate by watching this super cute awesome cartoon from the 50s.  It's My Party Day is October 11th! I'm celebrating early this year, personally.

Imma going to go ahead and say that October 12th is officially Indigenous Peoples' Day. It was formerly known as Columbus Day, but the times, they are a changin'.


International Skeptics Day is on the 13th, followed by Be Bald and Free Day (Oct 14) and National Grouch Day (Oct 15)

Birthdays this week include:
H.J. Heinz (Oct 11), William Penn (Oct 14), Friedrich Nietzsche and P.G. Wodehouse (both Oct 15)


Take it nice and slow this week. There's only two weird holidays on our calendar, which is A-Okay, because Halloween's on it's way and we gotta get ready! This week is Boss's Day (Oct 17) and Caps Lock Day (Oct 22).


Birthdays this week include:
Oscar Wilde (Oct 16), Bela Lugosi (Oct 20), Carrie Fisher (Oct 21) and Ursula K. Le Guin (Oct 21).


Did you know that there's a whole day dedicated to Bologna? Yes there is! National Bologna Day is October 24th! You can have all the Bologna sandwiches you want! For me, that would be zero sandwiches, but I'm sure there is someone out there who lives for this holiday.

Over the weekend, check out the Pittsburgh Pet Expo (Oct 28 - 30). And then you can party it up for National Frankenstein Day (Oct 29). I suggest maybe throwing a Monster Mash.

The 30th is a triple threat with Create a Great Funeral Day,  Candy Corn Day and Devil's Night!

Birthdays this week include:
Pat Conroy (Oct 26), John Cleese and Sylvia Plath (both Oct 27), Alf and Evelyn Waugh (both Oct 28)


Why yes, I am dedicating a whole week's space to one day! That's because October 31st is a VERY SPECIAL DAY. I mean first of all, it's National Knock Knock Jokes Day. And secondly, it's National Magic Day.


ahem. Caaaaan you tell that we love Halloween? Seriously though, we've got of fun stuff in the store to help you get your spook on! Stop by to see our beautiful halloween decorations and try on all the silly hats!

Birthdays on Oct 31 include:
Willow Smith, Michael Collins, Peter Jackson, Christopher Columbus, Vanilla Ice, Juliette Gordon Low, and Ethel Waters.


1 Aug

August 2016 Events and Holidays

August 2016The heat of summer has ARRIVED! We are all about our air conditioning, so feel free to stop by for some cool air and a few laughs. August is Admit You're Happy Month and National Eye Exam Month! Also up this month is Spider-Man Day (Aug 1), Rootbeer Float Day (Aug 6), International Beer Day (Aug 7), Bad Poetry Day (Aug 18) and National Waffle Day (Aug 24)! Birthdays this month include Andy Warhol (Aug 6), Lois Lane (Aug 17), Mr. Snuffleupagus (Aug 19) and Pee Wee Herman (Aug 27)! Book Club will be meeting on August 28th at 6 PM to talk about Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide the the Galaxy! For EVEN MORE holidays and birthdays, keep reading!


This month is Admit You're Happy Month! Stop making yourself all grumpy and stuff about life, and JUST LIVE IT! I hear that a great way to remember how happy you are is to go to your local card shop and spend an hour laughing your butt off at all the super inappropriate cards! (Srsly tho, we love the sounds of laughter here at KU) It's also National Eye Exam Month so make sure you get your eyes all checked out.


No one likes squinting. It gives you lines. On your face.

This week is International Clown Week (Aug 1-7)! Get out your red noses and faceprint and STRIKE TERROR INTO THE HEARTS OF ALL.

Also this week is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (Aug 2), the day that Dom Perignon invented champagne (Aug 4), and National Mustard Day (Aug 5).

Who's hitting the theaters to see Suicide Squad on opening night?? It's in theaters on the 5th!

The weekend holds all kinds of greatness: Root Beer Float Day (Aug 6), and International Beer Day (Aug 7)! Also this weekend is the Horror Fan Craft Fair & Flea (Aug 6), and that is really the ONLY way to spend your weekend. High five to the people who are running that thing, because WHAT A GOOD IDEA.

Birthdays this week include:
The JokerHerman Melville and Kevin Smith (all Aug 1), Neil Armstrong (Aug 5), Andy Warhol and Piers Anthony (Aug 6), and Sidney Crosby (Aug 7).


This week is National Farmer's Market Week (Aug 7-13), so make sure you hit up all your fave markets!! There's one in Shadyside now! Did you know?? NOW YOU KNOW!


We have a card for that. This is the card for that.

Next up is my personal favorite, Sneak Some Zucchini onto your neighbor's porch Night (Aug 8)!!!! I wish you all the best sneaking! Then there's Book Lover's Day (Aug 9), National Duran Duran Appreciation Day  and S'Mores Day (both Aug 10), and Vinyl Record Day (Aug 12).

Also on the 12th, Sausage Party hits theaters.  If you haven't seen the trailer for Sausage Party yet, do it now. Don't be deceived though. This is NOT a kids movie. It's from the makers of Superbad. So. You know. Not for kids.

If you're not into movies, it's okay! You can always hit up the Bluegrass Festival on August 13th!

Birthdays this week include:
Ginny Weasley (Aug 11), William Goldman (Aug 12), Alfred Hitchcock (Aug 13) and Steve Martin (Aug 14).

It's Weird Contest Week (Aug 13-17)!!! We're working on concocting some epic contest here at KU, so make sure you check back to see how you can win some silly prizes!

Relaxation Day  is on the 15th, so stop by to get some soothing shower bursts or something. TREAT YO' SELF.

dogNext up is Bad Poetry Day (Aug 18), Little Italy Days in Bloomfield (Aug 18-21) and the start of BikeFest (Aug 19-28)

Birthdays this week include:
Lois Lane (Aug 17), Gene Roddenberry, Ogden Nash and Mr. Snuffleupagus (All Aug 19), H.P. Lovecraft (Aug 20) and Christopher Robin Milne (Aug 21)

Okay, so this week starts a little rough: Pluto Demoted Day and Vesuvius Day share the 24th. But it is all okay because that same day is also National Waffle Day. So you can totally drown your sorrows in syrup. That's a legit thing to do.
The week ends with FREEDOM! It's Go Topless Day (Aug 28)! #FreeTheNipple


Birthdays this week include: 
Ray Bradbury and Dorothy Parker (both Aug 22), Gene Kelly (Aug 23), Tim Burton and Sean Connery (both Aug 25), and Pee Wee Herman and Ira Levin (both Aug 27)


There's a couple more days left, so don't give up yet! You can have two more parties at LEAST! Celebrate More Herbs, Less Salt Day (Aug 29) with some killer herbaceous recipes and follow it up with some S'MORES for Toasted Marshmallow Day (Aug 30)

That's it! That's all we've got! We sure hope this August is your BEST AUGUST YET!

30 Jun

July 2016 Events and Holidays

july 2016

Welcome to JULY people! It's getting hot in here! If you're looking for something to do between all the yard sales and barbecues, we've got some ideas! For instance, July is not just National Grilling, Hot Dog and Ice Cream Month, it's also Independent Retailers Month! Hey, that's us! Also up this month is I Forgot Day (July 2), International Kissing Day (July 6),  National French Fries Day (July 13) and National Tequila Day (July 24)! Birthdays this month include Robert Heinlein(July 7), Hunter S. Thompson (July 18), Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling (both July 31). Speaking of Harry and Rowling, The Cursed Child hits our shelves at 12:01 AM on July 31ST! If you pre-order soon, you can still join us for our Midnight Release Party! (Co hosted with Coffee Tree, because they are great people!!) For more information or more holidays, keep reading!


July is the month of many things, including AC Appreciation Days, National Dog House Repairs Month, National Grilling Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Hot Dog Month, and National Independent Retailers Month!! Start the party!


Okay, so there's a few extra days in this "week" but why are you even counting? First up this month is Canada Day (July 1)! It's the same day that the movie version of The BFG hits the theaters!!! Next up is I Forgot Day and World UFO Day which are very conveniently on the same day so that you can forget about the UFOs. (both July 2)

Get the grills out for Independence Day! But make sure to include some vegetarian options, since it is also Independence From Meat Day (Both July 4). Seriously, who thought that one up? Not eat meat on one of the biggest grilling days of the year. YEAH RIGHT. *ahem* I mean. Go you! You do that awesome meat free thing!!

Make sure you load up on sunscreen for Bikini Day (July 5)! All bodies are Bikini Bodies. But they don't all have to be crispy lobster bodies. Only YOU can prevent skin fires.

International Kissing Day and Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day share the box on the calendar (both July 6), so you might as well multi-task and make that a hot lunch date, yo.

Birthdays this week include:
Indiana Jones (July 1), Franz Kafka (July 3), Robert Heinlein  and Dr. Watson (both July 7).


It's time for the CUTEST HOLIDAY EVER: Teddy Bears Picnic Day (July 10)! And then there's National French Fries Day (July 13) or you know, 'MURICA FRIES DAY if you're so inclined. It's also International Town Criers Day (also on July 13) and I honestly can't tell you why that's still a thing anymore. I vote we all just spend the day watching John Steward and John Oliver hash out the news.

St. Swithin's Day is July 15th, and then National Ventriloquism Week is from July 13th-16th. That's not a whole week, we know, but I guess July is also TIME DOESN'T MATTER month. Oh. also. Who is super excited about the new Ghostbuster Movie???? It hits the theaters on the 15th!

Birthdays this week include:
E.B. White (July 11), Henry David Thoreau (July 12), and Patrick Stewart/Jean-Luc Picard (both July 13).

This week is National Zookeeper Week (July 17-23), so make sure you go say hi to all those lovely people who decided to get paid to hang out with adorable and sometimes scary animals. And also sometimes pick up poop. In fact, July 17th is National Ice Cream Day, so go say hi on the 17th and then hit up Allegheny Ice Cream right outside the Zoo. Their hotdogs are AMAZING. (It's also National Hot Dog Month, remember??? DO IT ALL!)

Next up is National Lollipop Day (July 20) and then on the 22nd, it's Casual Pi Day, Rat Catcher's Day AND ALSO Star Trek Beyond hits the theaters. Oh and then it's National Hot Dog Day (July 23) so maybe go have some more hot dogs. again. NO REGRETS.

Birthdays this month include:
Hunter S. Thompson (July 18), Cormac McCarthy (July 20), Ernest Hemingway (July 21), and Daniel Radcliffe (July 23).



This week starts strong with National Tequila Day (July 24) and we have just the recipe for you! Check out Kards Unlimiteds' Killer Tequila Sangria to get the party started HOOOOOO. The next day is Merry Go Round Day (July 25) so make sure you get all that tequila out of your system or it could  be a nasty ride. Next up is Barbie in a Blender Day (What. the. what.) and Walk on Stilts Day (both July 27).

On July 30th we're having our MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!! If you haven't pre-ordered your copy yet, call us ASAP! The book will be distributed at 12:01 AM on July 31st! Haven't heard about the Midnight Release Party yet? Here's some information for you!

Birthdays this week include:
Alexandre Dumas (July 24), Beatrix Potter (July 28), Neville Longbottom (July 30), and Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling (both 31).

30 Apr

May 2016 Events and Holidays

MayWelcome to May! Time for flowers and spring time! And Pickles!
"What? Pickles?" you may ask. "Yes. Pickles," I say to you.

May is packed full of fun things, including but not limited to: Children's Book Week (May 2- 8), May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day (May 4, clearly), No Pants Day (May 6), National Chicken Dance Day (May 14),  National Miniature Golf Day (May 21),  and Geek Pride Day (May 25) just to name a few! Oh, and let's not forget Mother's Day on May 8th! Do you have your card and gift yet???

Keep reading for a listing of all of the events and holidays in May!

May is Get Caught Reading Month! What happens when you get caught reading? Do the lords of lore come and give you a shiny gold star? Maybe you get magical book powers like the girl from Ink Heart! Or maybe, really, every time someone catches you reading they think you're one very cool and well rounded individual. Shout out to all the friends and lovers who met their other half over the binding of a book! This month is for you!

The first week in May is both Children's Book Week AND Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-8)!! So celebrate your favorite teacher by reading one book they taught you to love. And then maybe send them a note to say thanks!

Other holidays this week include May Day, Batman Day, and Mother Goose Day, all on May 1st! May 1st is also the Pittsburgh Marathon, so if you're not running or cheering, you may want to consider not leaving your house because all the roads will be closed. Just saying.
On May 3rd,  Court of Misty and Fury by Sarah J. Mass is being released.

This week is also host to May the Fourth (May 4) aka Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you! Next up is Cinco de Quatro (May 5) and  the Kentucky Derby, Tuba Day and No Pants Day (all on May 6). We're also SUPER EXCITED about CIVIL WAR hitting theaters on May 6!!! Oh my gosh! We already have tickets!

Birthdays this week include: 
Joseph Heller (May 1), Alice who went to Wonderland (May 4), Leo Lionni (May 5), and Sigmund Freud (May 6)


First and Foremost this week, there is Mother's Day (May 8)! Make sure you give your mum as much love as she deserves! And if you've forgotten to buy your card and gift, we'll be open from 10 to 5 that day.
Also this week is World Bellydance Day (May 9), Limerick Day (May 12), and National Chicken Dance Day (May 14).

Birthdays this week include:
Katniss Everdeen (May 8), Peter Benchley (May 8), J.M. Barrie (May 9), Kermit the Frog (May  9), Lisa Simpson (May 9), Daphne de Maurier (May 13), Robert Pattinson (May 13), Steven Colbert (May 13), George Lucas (May 14)


Okay, here's where we get to the PICKLES! I bet you were wondering when that would come up. It's International Pickle Week (May 14- 25)!!! It's also American Craft Beer Week (May 16 - 22), and National Backyard Games Week (May 18 - 25) so I sense a really good backyard party with lots of games, beer and cookies in our future!

Next up is National Chocolate Chip Day (May 14), National Sea Monkey Day (May 16), National Pizza Party Day (May 20) and Eliza Doolittle Day (May 20)!
We'll hopefully see you all at 3 Rivers Comicon (May 21-22) and Food Truck-a-palooza (May 21) this weekend. If you're not into comics or food (what is wrong with you but okay) you could celebrate National Miniature Golf Day (May 21) or join in the fun at Venture Outdoors Fest (May 21)!
Birthdays this week include:
The lovely owner of this fantastic store! Sir Boss-Lady Kristen celebrates her birthday on May 15th! Stop by and buy something! She'd love that!
Other birthdays are L. Frank Baum (May 15) and Tina Fey (May 18).

Start your week off right at BOOK CLUB! Cards Unlimited Book club will be meeting at 6pm on May 22nd to discuss The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Coincidentally, may 22nd is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday, so we're super excited to be celebrating by reading this book.

Two books that we're pretty excited about come out this week: The City of Mirrors (The Passage Trilogy) by Justin Cronin and The Last Star of the Fifth Wave Series by Rick Yancey (both May 24). Geek Pride Day and Towel Day are both May 25. And then on the 27th, X-Men: Apocaplyse hits the theaters!!!!!!
If that isn't exciting enough for you, hit up the Pyro Fest over the weekend (May 28 - 29)!

Birthdays this week include:
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (May 22), Scott O'Dell (May 23), Sookie Stackhouse (May 24), Cookie Monster (May 24), Dashiell Hammett (May 27) and Ian Fleming (May 28).

It's Memorial Day (May 30)! AND THEN, NEIL GAIMAN IS RELEASING A NEW BOOK: The View From the Cheap Seats (May 31)!

Birthdays this week include:
Mel Blanc (May 30)

1 Apr

April Events and Holidays


Welcome, dear Readers, to the beautiful month of April. It is the month of flowers, of Tricksters and of Grilled Cheese! This month is absolutely packed with fun spring things! Highlights include:  National Peanut butter and Jelly Day (April 2), Tekko (April 7 - 10), National Library Week (April 10-16), Drop Everything and Read Day (April 12) and Talk Like Shakespeare Day (April 23)! There are PILES more holidays and events, so keep on reading!


April is the month of many things! It's Alcohol Awareness Month, Grilled Cheese Month, Knuckle Down Month and STDs Month! What an interesting combo! Basically, knuckle down, and educate yourself. Then celebrate with Grilled Cheese! Sounds good to us!

April month long


April starts off string with like 6 holidays in the first TWO DAYS! On April 1st, you can choose to celebrate April Fools Day or National Fun at Work Day! Or you can be everyone's favorite trickster-coworker and celebrate both! On April 2nd, it's International Children's Book Day, Tweed Day, National Peanutbutter and Jelly Day, and International Pillow Fight Day! If you feel like traveling a wee bit, you can hit up the 39th Annual Maple Syrup Festival in Meyersdale, PA. It's fab-tactic road trip weather, right?


This week is National Robotics Week (April 2 - 10)! So grab your WD-20 and get chugging! Wait. What?
On April 6th, we're pretty interested in the Speak Freely with John Fetterman event. World Health Day is on April 7th, the same day as the start of Tekko!! Celebrate National Siblings Day (April 10th) hanging out with your favorite sibling! Make sure to Instagram all those pics you take so your other siblings know what's up!


It's National Library Week! It's like the BEST WEEK OF THE WHOLE YEAR. This week is also jam-packed full of things: Barbershop Quartet Day (April 11), Drop Everything and Read Day (April 12), Scrabble Day (April 13), National That Sucks Day (April 15), Record Store Day and National Wear your Pajamas to Work Day (both April 16).

There are a number of fun things happening around the city, also! The Jungle Book (the new version) will be hitting theaters April 15, the same night as Carnegie Science Center's 21+ Night, themed SCI FI!  <3
The International Festival of Colors is on the 16th. Or, if you're looking for more Rough and Rowdy events, check out the Steel City Roller Derby Game (also April 16)!

Shadyside people will be excited to know that on Saturday, April 16th the 4th Annual Bark Shadyside Pup Walk, the 6th Annual Great Shadyside Yard Sale and the second Shadyside appearance of The Neighborhood Flea is happening from 9am - 2pm in the Liberty School Parking Lot (corner of Ivy & Ellsworth)!!!!


Start the week off on a high note: It's 420 (April 20) and National HIGH Five Day (April 21)! Earth Day is April 22, but Pittsburgh will be celebrating Earth Day from the 21st to the 24th. 
Talk Like Shakespeare Day is April 23. Passover starts on the 23rd as well, and goes on through the 30th.
Need your film fix? Huntsman: Winter's War opens April 22nd!



It's Administrative Professional Day and Morse Code Day on April 27! Say a big old thanks to the people who keep the world running smoothly with some beeps and bops and boops! Plant a tree on Arbor Day (April 29)! And then, the National Pie Championships happen! And International Jazz Day! Pies and Jazz! Both on April 30th! You can also get your spring-time Halloween fix and celebrate Walpurgis Night (also April 30).
We are ridiculously excited for one movie in particular this weekend: Keanu hits theaters April 29! It's a funny John Wick with a kitten. Seriously. So. Excited. Check out this trailer.


That's it folks! Happy April!

1 Feb

February 2016 Calendar of Events

February Events 2016-4

Welcome February! Thank goodness January is OVER! Jan 2016 was definitely a bit choppy there for a bit. But time keeps moving, and it a new month full of new things! Exciting things! Keep reading to hear about the hot stuff happening in the cold of February.


This month is Library Lovers Month, National Condoms Month and Marijuana Awareness Month! You can probably celebrate those all at once... just saying.



On February 2, Punxsutawney Phil has his say for Groundhog Day. On the 5th, get your freak on for Working Naked Day! It's probably best to get permission first though. The 5th is also Bubble Gum Day and the release of the MUCH ANTICIPATED(here, at least) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in theaters!! Buy your tickets now, kids!

Celebrate on the 6th with a pint of Ben & Jerry's! It's Ice Cream For Breakfast Day! It's also a great day to visit I Made It! Market in the Waterfront! They'll be selling so many hand-made goodies. You just have to stop by and see!

Birthdays this week: Ayn Rand and James Joyce (February 2), George Romero (February 4), and Arthur Weasley (February 6).


I'm sure everyone has already put the Super Bowl in their calendars, but just incase you need the reminder, it's on the 7th! The 8th is Opera Day, so make sure to save your vocals! The 9th is Mardi Grass and Read in the Bathtub Day. You might want to choose between the two, because eating massive amounts of pancakes and drinking all the booze will probably make it really hard to read in the tub. The 9th is also the release day for Morning Star by Pierce Brown AND Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard!!  We are so ready to continue the Red Rising and Red Queen Series, JUST LET US TELL YOU. OMG.

On the 12th, we would celebrate Darwin Day, but we will be super busy SEEING DEADPOOL IN THEATERS.

Birthdays this week: Laura Ingalls Wilder and Charles Dickens (February 7), Seth Green and John Williams (February 8), and Judy Blume and Charles Darwin (February 12).



Are you ready for this? ARE YOU READY????



Of course, we all know that the 14th is Valentine's Day. But did you know that it is also Ferris Wheel Day? Followed, on the 15th, by National Gumdrop Day and the Westminster Dog Show on the 15th and 16th!

Birthdays this week: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (February 17), and Bruce Wayne (February 19).



Heartbreak of all heartbreak, Alan Rickman would have turned 70 on the 21st. However, you can distract yourself from that pain by getting tickets to the Steel City Roller Derby Game on the 21st. It's the Allegheny Avengers vs. the Mon Monsters! It's also BOOK CLUB! Join us to talk about T.H. White's The Once and Future King. <3

The 22nd is National Margarita Day! It's a NATIONAL holiday, so you should probably celebrate. On the 23rd, we celebrate the ancient art of throwing stones with Curling is Cool Day, as well as the release of A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab!

National Chili Day is on the 26th. The 26th is also the first day of Texas Cowboy Poetry Days, but more importantly, it's day one of Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest! Beerfest closes out on the 27th, which is also, conveniently, Open That Bottle Night.

Birthdays this week: Alan Rickman (February 21), and Edward Gorey (February 22).


Start off the week by watching the 2016 Oscars on the 28th! This week also has a BONUS ROUND day, because Leap Day is on the 29th!

Birthdays this week: Superman (February 29)