10 Mar

Gifts for Your Compulsively Organized Friends!

We all have a friend who's a slave to the old adage, "a place for everything and everything in its place."  It can be hard to find a good present for these people, because then they have to find a place for the new thing and it's a whole dramatic production and sometimes it's just easier to buy them a drink and call it a night.  But!  For you dedicated gift-givers out there, KU has some great ideas about what you should get your friend that they will totally love and geek out over.  Here follow these gifts:

File folders!


Organized people love folders, you guys. Papers definitely cause a lot of my clutter, so it makes sense...

Clips, sticky tabs, magnetic note pads and more!

clips and stuff

Speaking of keeping papers organized, those mustache paper clips are totally fly. Plus, those magnetic note pads with attached markers? Can you say memo?

Bookmarks, personal library kit, and Card Catalog note cards!


Bookmark pads for keeping a place, a library kit to make sure all your books are in order (and are returned in a timely manner!) and card catalog note cards! Adorable AND the box has dividers!

Menu file and recipe organizers!


Even in the most organized house, the kitchen can be a bit of a disaster. Keep menus and recipes in good order with these fabulous organizational aids! In a variety of styles and designs!

All the lists!


There's nothing more organizationally arousing than lists and dispensing slightly passive aggressive notes, you guys. Best gifts ever.

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6 Mar

Gifts for Your Friends Who Enjoy Potent Potables!

Here at KU, we are pretty well versed in drinks of the alcoholic persuasion.  Since you can't partake of our combined many (many) years of experience, here's a great list that bestows the wisdom of the gift-giving ages without also bestowing the hangovers (which, if combined, would most likely be literally fatal.)

Fine Glassware!


A fun cup makes any drink better and these are some epic pieces!

Great books about drinking!


For your nerdy drinkers, gourmet drinkers, and mixology enthusiasts!

Sets of pints and shots (for parties or just for you!)


Fun glassware for a crowd! Beer is always better from a superhero glass!

Books about making booze!


Everything's better homemade, and beverages are no exception!

The 2014-2015 Champagne Guide!


A niche market, perhaps, but a super great gift in that niche!

Wine Lines, Cocktail Rings, and other paraphernalia!


Keeping drinks straight at a party is extremely important. Plus, Coq au Vin is just a great name for a rubber chicken wine stopper. Get on that.

Books to solve the problem(s) that drinking creates!


And gifts for the next morning are always appreciated!

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19 Feb

Gifts for the Reader(s) in Your Life!

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than finding a gift for a friend that you know loves to read but who isn't looking for a specific book or genre.  There just isn't that much book paraphernalia!  Which, of course, is one of the strengths of books.  They don't require a lot of supplies to enjoy.  For those customers trying to find the perfect gift for the book-lover in their lives, here are KU's great gift ideas!

Bookmarks and Bottle Openers:


Six tiny silicone sprouts to hold one's places in books (either lying flat or upright and closed) and a bottle opener shaped like an ampersand. What more could a book-lover want?

Action Figures and Finger Puppets of Favorite Writers:


Austen, Shakespeare (both also come in Finger Puppet form), Tolstoy, Woolf, Parker, Chekhov, and so many many more!

Out of Print book cover T-shirts:


So many great titles on shirts, you guys. We also love the 1984 one, The Very Hungry Caterpillar one, and the In Cold Blood one. Come in and have a look!

Books go great with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and pretty much everything else:


No matter your poison, it's best enjoyed with a good book and in a great mug.

Literary Reference Jewelry and Accessories:


Anything that extols the virtues of the written word is a-ok in a bibliophile's book!



I've said it before and will say it again: books are a great gift idea at any time and for any reason. Even if you aren't sure it's what they like, a true book-lover will appreciate any new volume. Plus, it's the thought that counts, right?

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18 Feb

Gifts for Your Friends’ Kids!

Everyone knows the awkwardness of shopping for someone you don't know that well.  What do they like?  What should I get?  What does my gift say about me as a human?  What does my gift say about them as a human?  These problems are magnified tenfold if this person that you don't even know that well is a kid.  So for all you hesitant gift-getters out there, we present our go-to list of classic and timeless gifts for even the most difficult giftee.

Classic Children's Books:


Sure, books are often a gamble, since it's hard to be sure someone will like a given story, but these are all books that everyone should read, no matter what.

And for the slightly older crowd:


Ditto for these. We have hundreds of books here and a staff only too happy to help you pick out the perfect one, but these classics need no sales pitch. Even the newer ones are timeless must-reads.

Classic Toys:


Whether sporty and outdoorsy, quiet and bookish, glued to movies or video games, or any combination at all, toys like these are childhood icons for all.

Card Games, Flashcards and More:


If books or toys aren't your thing, why not Good Manners Flashcards or Old Maid cards? A little help with education never hurt anybody!

Art supplies:


Every kid goes through a coloring and other fun art projects phase. Encourage creativity with these gifts!

 Puzzles and games galore:


Puzzles and games are almost always a perfect gift. Presenting a fun group activity is a skill that even grown adults often struggle to achieve, so games are always appreciated!

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