1 Mar

March into March. The Best Month of the Year. But Really.

It’s been windy as a MOTHER this week which makes me think that the begin­ning of the
is going to be in like a lion, which accord­ing to every­one means out like a lamb!

This is one of the scari­est things I’ve ever seen. I’m not even on mesca­line right now.

In case your time space con­tin­u­um is off and you are obliv­i­ous to where you are, the best mon­th of the year is MARCH! March is fan­tas­tic for many rea­sons. One rea­son is that the March Equinox occurs which means this is the begin­ning of the rebirth of the year! Even if you aren’t a crazy hip­py you know you like spring. Even you peo­ple who hate the warmth and the sun still enjoy March. It is the IDEAL mon­th.

Anoth­er rea­son March is bet­ter than EVERY oth­er mon­th: I was born a quar­ter of a cen­tu­ry ago. You’re wel­come.

Every oth­er cool per­son in the world was born in March. Except for Ani­ta Bryant. She was an acci­dent and shouldn’t be count­ed as human. We are even get­ting a new half-Cana­di­an mem­ber of the KU fam­i­ly in March which is super excit­ing.

Women’s His­to­ry Mon­th or should I say HER­sto­ry is in March. Some bas­ket­ball stuff hap­pens or some­thing. It’s just an all around good mon­th!

It’s Berries And Cher­ries Mon­th! Now that spring is…springing? That means all of our favorite fruits are com­ing back to us. May­be you canned some­thing that you want to bust out? May­be you want to make an adorable hand held pie? Put some in your maple syrup and get it hot? A cake full of berries and cher­ries? What­ev­er you choose to do with them I will want some.

It’s Inter­na­tion­al Ideas Mon­th! I will add more to this once it’s actu­al­ly March and I have more ideas about it.…

Nation­al Caf­feine Aware­ness Mon­th!
Okay- so most Amur­ri­cans par­take in the java whether it be iced, hot, lat­te or ene­ma form. We are also known for our over indul­gence in the soda depart­ment as well as the ener­gy drink depart­ment. We even like to mix our uppers and our down­ers for shiz and gig­gles! It’s kind of who we are.

But this mon­th is when we should become awaren of it! It doesn’t mat­ter how old you are caf­feine depen­dence is a prob­lem. I saw this recent­ly and I can’t stop watch­ing it. Im not sure if it will make you want to go out and make your own “Go Go Juice” or if it will make you quit caf­feine cold turkey OR if you will just pee your­self while you’re not sure if you’re laugh­ing or cry­ing but please watch it!

So my lit­tle hon­ey boo boo childs (yes childs, not chil­dren) It is also:

Since we are your favorite neigh­bor­hood kard shop employ­ees AND we love our jobs we will be flash­ing all of you our spir­it all mon­th long and GEE GOLLY is our spir­it big! Stay tuned for employ­ee spir­it mon­th activ­i­ties!

Nation­al Pro­cras­ti­na­tion Week is the 4–10…it was orig­i­nal­ly sched­uled for some week in Feb­ru­ary but.…we’re only just get­ting around to it now.

Speak­ing of cats, March 3 is the hol­i­day we muse about all year long:
What If Cats and Dogs Had Oppos­able Thumbs Day!

When evo­lu­tion final­ly makes this hap­pen and cats final­ly take over the earth, as they have to oth­er plan­ets in oth­er galax­ies, I’m hop­ing that they spare me and my fam­i­ly since we have been bend­ing to their will since 1987. But every­one else who doesn’t know this will be hap­pen­ing can just think about all the what-ifs!

March 7 is Cere­al Day.

Those who read this blog know that I like food. I might even love it. I might even talk about it in porno­graph­ic detail at times. Despite my love of fan­cy food pair­ings, cook books and well planned meals I think that cere­al is one of the best things the human race has to offer and I will explain this is GRAPHIC detail at a lat­er date.

We of course will be cel­e­brat­ing St. Patrick’s Day full throt­tle.

Whether you’re Irish, or you just like to adopt their age old drink­ing habit for the day, we want to help you! But not in an AA help kind of way. More in a “it’s okay just have one more drink, it’s good for you” kind of way. ENABLING!  It’s what’s for din­ner!

Tune in a lit­tle bit lat­er to find out how we will be meet­ing your St. Patty’s Day needs!

Mr. Fred Rogers would be turn­ing 84 this year! Every­one loves Mr. Rogers and his neigh­bor­hood but so few actu­al­ly get to be his neigh­bor for realz! We in “da ‘burgh” get that plea­sure and we will be cel­e­brat­ing his birth­day as well as Sweater Day! I have enough Mr. Rogers-like sweaters to go around and we have lots of Mr. Rogers swag to help yinz get into the spir­it.

Some Birth­days we have cool links for!!!
(not just mine)

Ron Howard: 1st
Ke$ha: 1st
Justin Bieber: 1st
Dr. Seuss: 2nd
John Irv­ing: 2nd
Gabriel Gar­cia Mar­quez: 6th
Chuck Nor­ris: 10th
John Hamm: 10th
Dou­glas Adams: 11th
Edward Albee: 12th
William H Macy: 13th
Albert Ein­stein: 14th
Fabio: 15th
Kev­in Smith: 16th
Mr. Rogers: 20th
Lois Lowry: 20th
Alyson Han­ni­gan: 24th
Leonard Nimoy: 26th
 Lady Gaga: 28th
Christo­pher Walken: 31st

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31 Jan

February: The Shortest Month With the Biggest Personality

pro­nounced:  feb-yoo-er-ee.

This mon­th is a wily one let me tell you. Boy scouts and con­doms, mar­i­jua­na and the tooth fairy, “ru“‘s in the mid­dle of words and the 29th of Feb­ru­ary; That black sheep, dia­mond in the rough, prize at the bot­tom of your box of cere­al.

Be aware. Mar­i­jua­na. It’s every­where. And pret­ty much every­one smokes it. Right?

It’s Mar­i­jua­na Aware­ness Mon­th! I think we have some­thing to say about this. But I guess we’ll see if we feel like it when we get there.

Boy Scout Anniver­sary Week is the 5th through the 11th!

Almost every attempt I’ve made at say­ing some­thing about this has result­ed in some­thing hor­ri­bly dirty. There’s some­thing wrong with me. Well we have this real­ly neato book about Boy Scouts that is in no way dirty! Hap­py Birth­day Boy Scouts! How old? 102.…That’s over 18. DAMMIT I COULDNT STOP MYSELF.

Some­thing I can’t sul­ly and that we cel­e­brate almost every day at KU is Chil­drens Authors and Illus­tra­tors Week! If you’ve ever read our blog or come in our store you would have fig­ured out we all know and love our children’s lit. This is not the last you’ll be hear­ing of this.

So Feb­ru­ary 1st kicks off just right with Work­ing Naked Day.

There are so many ben­e­fits to work­ing naked. What are some you ask?

  • Think about how many extra min­utes of sleep you would get in a week since you wouldn’t have to pick out an out­fit.
  • Save mon­ey on doing laun­dry or even need­ing to buy work aprops clothes.
  • You’ll feel so relaxed your pro­duc­tiv­i­ty will sky rock­et!
  • Spon­ta­neous bon­go play­ing will occur. I don’t know why this ben­e­fits any­one, but Matthew McConaugh­ey sug­gest­ed it.


  • Cold.
  • You’re naked.

So I guess we’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of this one.

Feb­ru­ary 2nd is Ground­hog day! 

Even if you aren’t mak­ing it out to Punx­sutawney to go hang with your good pal Phil there are still ways to cel­e­brate! Why not get some­one a Ground­hogz Day card.…no one sells them you say? What say you! You are wrong good friend because your favorite neigh­bor­hood KU does! Get ‘em while they’re hawt!

Speak­ing of get­ting it while its hot, once again the day before Vday, some­times affec­tion­ate­ly referred to as VD, kicks off Nation­al Flirt­ing Week! We’re kind of pros at flirt­ing here at KU so this year you’re going to get a dif­fer­ent men­tor to get you through the Hunger Games we call dating…minus all the death.…and children…and no one refers to dat­ing as the Hunger Games. But they could!  PS HAPPY ONE YEAR BLOGAVERSARY TO ME! Do we have a card for that? Probz.

Then the next day is good ol’ VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

Kards Unlim­it­ed will be unveil­ing their ANNUAL VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT LIST!!! Not sure what to get for that spe­cial some­one? Need the PERFECT card? Need to get some­one to find you even slight­ly desir­able? WE CAN DO ALL THAT! So keep posted…or be alone forever…JK!LOLZ!

Feb­ru­ary 18th is Plu­to Day, for all of us plan­e­tary fans.

The Plu­to for­mer­ly known as a plan­et is pret­ty great despite its demo­tion.

Feb­ru­ary also means one of my favorite times of the year:

  • Babies in cakes
  • Booze
  • Boobz
  • Cos­tumes
  • More cake
  • Parades
  • Beads

It’s Mardi Gras!

Since I sad­ly won’t be attend­ing this year I will be cel­e­brat­ing…

Nation­al Mar­gar­i­ta Day on the 22nd!!!!

I won’t be able to get my mar­gar­i­tas to go like I was this time last year but I will most cer­tain­ly do my part to keep this hol­i­day going. Not sure how to make a good mar­gar­i­ta? Come on down to our bar book sec­tion and get some help. You won’t regret it, you might not even remem­ber it!

Addi­tion­al­ly help­ing those of us now in New Orleans…

Open that Bot­tle Night on the 25th!

(Same advice for Mar­gar­i­ta Day applies.)

And last BUT MOST CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, its an eff­ing LEAP YEAR this year, which means FEBRUARY 29th EXISTS!! What the what?!

The last time we got to indul­ge in a 29th of Feb­ru­ary was in 2008. Am I mak­ing that up? I don’t think so! REFRESH your mem­o­ries of 2008.

Look at this movie poster of leap year star­ring one of my best friends, Amy Adams, and my hus­band to be, Matthew Goode.

So kid­dos, Feb­ru­ary is jam-packed and I didn’t even tell you what we’re actu­al­ly going to be blog­ging about!

The mys­tery is so mag­i­cal!


Ayn Rand: 2th
James Joyce: 2th
George Romero: 4th
Lau­ra Ingalls Wilder: 7th
Charles Dick­ens: 7th
Seth Green: 8th
John Williams: 8th
Jules Verne: 8th
Thomas Edis­on: 11th
Judy Blume: 12th
Charles Dar­win: 12th
Abra­ham Lin­coln: 12th
Joseph Gor­don Levitt: 17th
Alan Rick­man: 21th
Anais Nin: 21th
Chopin: 22th
Edna St. Vin­cent Mil­lay: 22th
Edward Gorey: - 22th
Han­del: 23th
Vic­tor Hugo: 26th
Longfel­low: 27th

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2 Jan

Hold Onto Your Knit Hats. It’s January Again!

If you’re read­ing this it means none of us are dead yet.….

Fake Mayan Dooms­day isn’t until Decem­ber 21, 2012 so you have a whole year to keep read­ing our blog and chuck­ling hearti­ly to your­self in front of your com­put­er! You’re wel­come.
Jan­u­ary might have some of the most spec­tac­u­lar eccen­tric hol­i­days all year in addi­tion to the reg­u­lar amount of cool kid birth­days. What a great way to start the year!


We are get­ting hot in hurr if you catch my drift. Three ways.  Oh three ways.
No not those three ways. There are three ways we’re get­ting hot in here this mon­th of Jan­u­ary! Enero. The mon­th of Janus the Roman god of doors and gates the MOST INTERESTING GOD OF ALL. Kind of.
If there is one thing we know about and love and talk too much about it would be tea. We love tea. We love our tea hot (unless its iced tea sea­son). We like our tea to stay hot. We may­be each now have real­ly intense ther­moses that we car­ry around all day and brag about how hot our tea still is. We like our tea so hot and deli­cious and per­fect­ly steeped. So it’s only right that we are cel­e­brat­ing
!!Nation­al Hot Tea Mon­th!!
We love to drink tea.
We love all teas .
You like loose leaf? We have it!
You need a dif­fuser? Oh yes we have those!
You like bagged tea? WE HAVE ZILLIONS. Have you seen our tea selec­tion late­ly?
No? But you want to? Okay!
Reds, blacks, greens, fla­vors of all kinds. Oh. My.
Secret shar­ing time: I am cur­rent­ly obsessed with our Almond Vanil­la Tea . Some­times I put a spot of vanil­la almond milk in it.
More on tea anoth­er day…


Next keep­ing us hot as you know what-one of my oth­er favorite things in the entire world:
Nation­al Soup Mon­th Y’all.
What is greater than tak­ing good fla­vor com­bi­na­tions and blend­ing them togeth­er with oth­er great fla­vors to make some­thing so steamy and soul warm­ing and delec­table and so easy that you don’t even have to chew it?
There is noth­ing.


Nation­al Oat­meal Mon­th!
Oat­meal is one of the few rea­sons I wake up in the win­ter.
But seri­ous­ly.


Pub­lic Radio Broad­cast­ing Day: The 13th
Remem­ber that time this hap­pened?
Yes, that was a KU shoutout on the face­book from NPR.
You should be.


Nation­al Mail Order Gar­den­ing Mon­th!!
Not what you usu­al­ly get mail order, but just as excit­ing for some of our gar­den­ing extra­or­di­naires.
Jan­u­ary is the mon­th for plan­ning!


Let’s stop and sleuth for some “coin­ci­dences”:
- Inter­na­tion­al Fetish Day 20th
- Nation­al Stalk­ing Aware­ness Mon­th
- Self Love Mon­th
- Appre­ci­ate a Drag­on Day 16th
- Talk Like a Griz­zled Prospec­tor Day — 24th
- Bub­ble Wrap Appre­ci­a­tion Day
Any coin­ci­dence that all of the­se hap­pen in Jan­u­ary.…?
Don’t you see the con­nec­tion between all of them?
This guy most def­i­nite­ly does.


Jan­u­ary Birth­days:

JRR Tolkien:  3th
Cary Grant: 18th
 AA Mil­ne: 18th
Mozart: 27th
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