19 Feb

Top 5 Gifts for the People who think they’re Batman

Do you have a friend who dis­ap­pears for hours and comes back bruised? Does your friend ran­dom­ly do a lot of pushups in the mid­dle of the floor? Is your friend able to, for some odd rea­son, tell you every species of bats and which one is the scari­est? Are they a bil­lion­aire and have done noth­ing to achieve this sta­tus except be born to the right par­ents? If so, your friend may be Bat­man. Or if not Bat­man, they might think they are Bat­man.

So what do you get as a gift for your Bat­man-friend? Are you at a loss, think­ing that they prob­a­bly already own every cool gad­get? At Kards Unlim­it­ed, we were also stumped by this ques­tion. For­tu­nate­ly, we have Batman’s famous butler’s num­ber, and he had all the advice.



Bandaids,”Alfred imme­di­ate­ly said, when we called him up at the man­sion in Gotham. “He is always in need of Bandaids after a night of run­ning about like an idiot. Espe­cial­ly pret­ty Bandaids. He’s always going for very bor­ing Bandaids, like skin-col­or or black. I shake my head at this every time. Why Bru-… Bat­man? Why be bor­ing?”

Gotcha, Alfred. So for your Bat­man-friend who may or may not actu­al­ly be Bat­man, we have lots of Bandaids with a spe­cial twist at Kards Unlim­it­ed. Once you enter the mag­i­cal store, take three steps and look left.  Here you will see about waist-lev­el (or head-lev­el, real­ly depends how tall you are) uni­corn Bandaids, Jane Austin Bandaids, Edgar Allen Poe Bandaids, Jesus Bandaids, and more. So if your Bat­man- friend gets a cut, give them an opti­mistic Bandaid that will make that mean frown upside down.


bat2A Graph­ic Nov­el of Them­selves

Bat­man,” said Alfred while prepar­ing a cup of Earl-Grey tea, “is a bit ego­tis­ti­cal. He likes read­ing books about him­self because he likes to see how he’s por­trayed in a pletho­ra of medi­ums, includ­ing graph­ic nov­els. Why this is, don’t ask me.” 

So buy your Bat­man-friend a graph­ic nov­el of them­selves! At Kards Unlim­it­ed, we shelve a pletho­ra of Bat­man graph­ic nov­els. If you don’t know which books of them­selves they already own, ask them! Then sur­prise them with a mean-look­ing graph­ic nov­el such as Bat­man: R.I.P., Bat­man: The City of Owls, Bat­man: Death in the Fam­i­ly, and more!

bat3A Bat­man Through the Years Mug

“Bat­man”, said Alfred, “always likes to drink cof­fee in the morn­ing; I like tea.” Alfred hint­ed that Batman’s time with a cer­tain Amer­i­can girl­friend brought about this change of taste, but then quick­ly changed the top­ic to more shal­low com­plaints. “Bat­man keeps for­get­ting to bring his mugs down from his bed­room so none of them get washed. I told him, we made a deal, that if I helped him with his tax­es then he would wash his own mugs. Well, since he won’t wash his own, he keeps try­ing to use mine. And we all know that the taste of cof­fee in a mug can real­ly ruin the taste of tea. So, yes, if you could get a great mug that he will want to wash so he’ll stay away from mine, that would be bloody fan­tas­tic.”

KU’s Bat­man Through the Years is per­fect. Not only is it an awe­some mug, but it also serves as a way for your Bat­man-friend to con­tem­plate their past life as they sip warm, hot cof­fee. This is def­i­nite­ly a mug they will want to wash again and again and again. 


bat4I Heart Guts

Bat­man keeps hurt­ing his organs,” Alfred said, “even though I keep warn­ing him, he is not being kind to his body. If you could get him some­thing to remind him to be kind to his body, I would be grate­ful.”

Here at KU, we sell a line called “I Heart Guts”: organs that are soft, cud­dly and total­ly real­is­tic. Have your Bat­man-friend snug­gle with a spleen, a heart, appen­dix, tooth, and we think they will imme­di­ate­ly become more aware of the harm they could be caus­ing their lit­tle friends inside them­selves. Also, they make great com­pan­ions to make your Bat­man-friend feel less lone­ly, just in case their sig­nif­i­cant ex is killed in an explo­sion set off by a jok­er.


bat5All My Friends Are Dead

This small book, found on our cof­fee table book selec­tion, was not rec­om­mend­ed by Alfred but rec­om­mend­ed by KU. This book will help any per­son who iden­ti­fies as Bat­man con­nect with their inner feel­ings as they real­ize they are not alone with all their friends being dead. Whether a dinosaur, a sock, or a tree, your Bat­man friend will laugh and cry simul­ta­ne­ous­ly as they remem­ber all the friends they have lost and make them feel, hope­ful­ly, not so alone. Espe­cial­ly if they are read­ing this while cud­dling with an organ. 

But the most impor­tant thing, as Alfred summed up at the end of our con­ver­sa­tion, is love. “I am sure, what­ev­er you give Bat­man (or some­one who thinks they are Bat­man), as long as it is given in love, it will be grate­ful­ly appre­ci­at­ed. Sav­ing a city is rough busi­ness, and a lone­ly one. So love goes a long way.”

That’s it on our end. Please com­ment below on oth­er gifts you think would be per­fect for some­one who iden­ti­fies as Bat­man. And what’s bet­ter, cof­fee or tea?

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1 Feb

February 2016 Calendar of Events

February Events 2016-4

Wel­come Feb­ru­ary! Thank good­ness Jan­u­ary is OVER! Jan 2016 was def­i­nite­ly a bit chop­py there for a bit. But time keeps mov­ing, and it a new mon­th full of new things! Excit­ing things! Keep read­ing to hear about the hot stuff hap­pen­ing in the cold of Feb­ru­ary.


This mon­th is Library Lovers Mon­th, Nation­al Con­doms Mon­th and Mar­i­jua­na Aware­ness Mon­th! You can prob­a­bly cel­e­brate those all at once… just say­ing.



On Feb­ru­ary 2, Punx­sutawney Phil has his say for Ground­hog Day. On the 5th, get your freak on for Work­ing Naked Day! It’s prob­a­bly best to get per­mis­sion first though. The 5th is also Bub­ble Gum Day and the release of the MUCH ANTICIPATED(here, at least) Pride and Prej­u­dice and Zom­bies in the­aters!! Buy your tick­ets now, kids!

Cel­e­brate on the 6th with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s! It’s Ice Cream For Break­fast Day! It’s also a great day to vis­it I Made It! Mar­ket in the Water­front! They’ll be sell­ing so many hand-made good­ies. You just have to stop by and see!

Birth­days this week: Ayn Rand and James Joyce (Feb­ru­ary 2), George Romero (Feb­ru­ary 4), and Arthur Weasley (Feb­ru­ary 6).


I’m sure every­one has already put the Super Bowl in their cal­en­dars, but just incase you need the reminder, it’s on the 7th! The 8th is Opera Day, so make sure to save your vocals! The 9th is Mardi Grass and Read in the Bath­tub Day. You might want to choose between the two, because eat­ing mas­sive amounts of pan­cakes and drink­ing all the booze will prob­a­bly make it real­ly hard to read in the tub. The 9th is also the release day for Morn­ing Star by Pierce Brown AND Glass Sword by Vic­to­ria Ave­yard!!  We are so ready to con­tin­ue the Red Ris­ing and Red Queen Series, JUST LET US TELL YOUOMG.

On the 12th, we would cel­e­brate Dar­win Day, but we will be super busy SEEING DEADPOOL IN THEATERS.

Birth­days this week: Lau­ra Ingalls Wilder and Charles Dick­ens (Feb­ru­ary 7), Seth Green and John Williams (Feb­ru­ary 8), and Judy Blume and Charles Dar­win (Feb­ru­ary 12).



Are you ready for this? ARE YOU READY????



Of course, we all know that the 14th is Valentine’s Day. But did you know that it is also Fer­ris Wheel Day? Fol­lowed, on the 15th, by Nation­al Gum­drop Day and the West­min­ster Dog Show on the 15th and 16th!

Birth­days this week: Joseph Gor­don-Levitt (Feb­ru­ary 17), and Bruce Wayne (Feb­ru­ary 19).



Heart­break of all heart­break, Alan Rick­man would have turned 70 on the 21st. How­ev­er, you can dis­tract your­self from that pain by get­ting tick­ets to the Steel City Roller Der­by Game on the 21st. It’s the Allegheny Avengers vs. the Mon Mon­sters! It’s also BOOK CLUB! Join us to talk about T.H. White’s The Once and Future King. <3

The 22nd is Nation­al Mar­gar­i­ta Day! It’s a NATIONAL hol­i­day, so you should prob­a­bly cel­e­brate. On the 23rd, we cel­e­brate the ancient art of throw­ing stones with Curling is Cool Day, as well as the release of A Gath­er­ing of Shad­ows by V.E. Schwab!

Nation­al Chili Day is on the 26th. The 26th is also the first day of Tex­as Cow­boy Poet­ry Days, but more impor­tant­ly, it’s day one of Pitts­burgh Win­ter Beer­fest! Beer­fest clos­es out on the 27th, which is also, con­ve­nient­ly, Open That Bot­tle Night.

Birth­days this week: Alan Rick­man (Feb­ru­ary 21), and Edward Gorey (Feb­ru­ary 22).


Start off the week by watch­ing the 2016 Oscars on the 28th! This week also has a BONUS ROUND day, because Leap Day is on the 29th!

Birth­days this week: Super­man (Feb­ru­ary 29)


1 Dec

December 2015 Calendar of Events


December Events Post Featured Image 2

Hel­lo and wel­come, Decem­ber! HANUKKAH IS HERE! CHRISTMAS IS HERE! KWANZAA IS HERE! We’ve been wait­ing for Decem­ber since, well, Jan­u­ary, and we’re delight­ed that it’s here again! Decem­ber is more than the usu­al hol­i­days, though. Just to name a few, we’ve got Nation­al Cot­ton Can­dy Day (Decem­ber 7), Cat Herders Day (Decem­ber 15), Nation­al Choco­late Cov­ered Any­thing Day (Decem­ber 16), and Bacon Day (Decem­ber 30) and they all make this mon­th even more mag­i­cal! Read on to find out all of our awe­some cel­e­bra­tions this mon­th! Read more »

26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s a Drinking Game for Your 21+ Family Members!

It’s that time of year again… Thanks­giv­ing time! If you and your fam­i­ly are fun (we know you are!) here’s a drink­ing game to make things more inter­est­ing this fam­i­ly gath­er­ing!Thanksgiving Drinking Game Image

17 Nov

A Natural History of Bread

The Cereals...i.e. how we make such delicious bread!

The Cereals…i.e. how we make such deli­cious bread!

Home­made Bread Day is nation­al­ly cel­e­brat­ed on Novem­ber 17.  To cel­e­brate, I’m going to run you through a quick nat­u­ral his­to­ry of bread!  For thou­sands of years, bak­ing fresh bread was part of people’s dai­ly rou­ti­nes.  Bread is one of the old­est pre­pared foods dat­ing back to the Neolithic era. 

Bread bakers!

Bread bak­ers!


The Neolithic era was when peo­ple switched from nomadic hunter-gath­er­ers and pas­toral­ists to farm­ers.  This great­ly encour­aged set­tle­ment growth, increas­ing the need to tend crops, which required local­ized dwellings that led to farm­ing towns, larg­er cities, and domes­ti­cat­ed ani­mals.  By liv­ing in per­ma­nent or sea­son­al­ly inhab­it­ed set­tle­ments, they pro­duced sur­plus crops.  The­se extra crops could be stored for use dur­ing lean sea­sons or trad­ed for lux­u­ry items.

Neolithic farming

Neolithic farm­ing

Agrar­i­an soci­eties proved suc­cess­ful.  Soci­eties were able to expand their ter­ri­to­ries.  Farm­ing was lim­it­ed to a nar­row range of plants such as wheat, mil­let, and spelt.  This was a sig­nif­i­cant shift from a var­ied diet to reliance on starch and plant pro­tein.  Did you know col­lo­qui­al­ly bread is known as the “staff of life?”  Well it is!  Which just proves how impor­tant bread has been in cul­tur­al pro­gress.

Let’s jump for­ward 30,000 years….

Chorleywood Breadmaking Process...simplified!

Chor­ley­wood Bread­mak­ing Process…simplified!

…to 1961 when the Chor­ley­wood bread process was devel­oped.  This process involves an intense mechan­i­cal work­ing of the dough to dra­mat­i­cal­ly reduce the fer­men­ta­tion peri­od and the time tak­en to make a loaf.  Nor­mal­ly, this is what fac­to­ries use to mass pro­duce bread.  Cheap and quick, just like Amer­i­cans like.  I mean, we can’t be both­ered to make our own bread…._53268757_breadmaking

…Enter the bread­mak­ing machine.  Bread­mak­ers were invent­ed in 1986 in Japan and the pop­u­lar­i­ty caught on world­wide.  Bread­mak­ers and appli­ances have tak­en almost all the effort out of bak­ing, yet no one makes their own bread.  It’s tru­ly a shame.  Home baked bread is not only health­ier, the smell of bak­ing bread is mag­i­cal, and the qual­i­ty is undis­put­ed.  It is high­er in fiber, low­er in salt and addi­tives, and all recipes can be mod­i­fied to suit one’s pref­er­ences.

The bread overlords will take over! With their delicious gluten!

The bread over­lords will take over if you don’t start mak­ing your own bread! With their deli­cious gluten!

So go forth!  Bake some bread! 

We sell these! Show the world how much you love bread! And how unafraid of gluten you are!

We sell the­se! Show the world how much you love bread! And how unafraid of gluten you are!

Bread is even sexier when you bake it yourself!

Bread is even sex­ier when you bake it your­self!

1 Nov

November 2015 Calendar of Events


November 2015 Events Main Image

Hel­lo and wel­come, Novem­ber! Fall is in full swing, the days are short­er, and we’ll be dream­ing of thanks­giv­ing din­ner for the next 26 nights.  PASS THE CRANBERRY SAUCE! Here are all of the excit­ing things we’ll be cel­e­brat­ing this mon­th from Sher­lock Holmes Week­end, to Home­made Bread Day, Dr. Who Day, and every­thing in between.

Read more »

25 Oct

International Magic Week is Here!

Inter­na­tion­al Mag­ic Week is each year from Octo­ber 25–31.  It is a week to cel­e­brate the world of mag­ic and magi­cians.  Mag­ic Week ends on 10/31, the anniver­sary of Har­ry Houdini’s death.  Har­ry Hou­dini was the great­est magi­cian and escapist of them all. 

Houdini's grave

Houdini’s grave



Houdini lives in Scranton

Hou­dini lives in Scran­ton

Did you know the Har­ry Hou­dini Muse­um is locat­ed in Scran­ton, Penn­syl­va­nia?  It’s quite pos­si­bly the only thing in Scran­ton worth see­ing.  The muse­um is open to the pub­lic on Sun­days from 1 PM-4:30 PM and by appoint­ment.  They show films relat­ing to Hou­dini and offer a mag­ic show to guests.  On Hal­loween every year, the muse­um has a seance and psy­chic evening.  The famous Hal­loween Hou­dini Seance was orig­i­nal­ly per­formed by Houdini’s wife, then passed on to his biog­ra­pher, then passed to magi­cian Dorothy Diet­rich.

There are many ways to cel­e­brate Mag­ic Week.  Watch the minis­eries Hou­dini on Houdini_2014Net­flix, take a trip to the Hou­dini Muse­um, grab some tricks to learn from a mag­ic shop (do those exist any­more?), have your own seance using our Suprnat­u­ral Oui­ja Board, learn to do tarot read­ings, or learn how to pull a quar­ter from behind someone’s ear.  How­ev­er, escap­ing whilst in chains from a large tank of water is not rec­om­mend­ed, for obvi­ous rea­sons.

We sell this!

We sell this!


We also have Har­ry Pot­ter mag­ic wands, if you’re into that kind of mag­ic (you know you are)!  Cast some spells!

10 Oct

Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy! Happy National Field Trip Month!

I love field trips and this mon­th is Nation­al Field Trip Mon­th!  If you’re a nan­ny, teacher, moth­er, father, aunt, uncle, teacher, grand­par­ent or any per­son with legal access to a child, plan your spe­cial lit­tle munchk­in a trip.  The­se are mem­o­ries that will last a life­time.  Don’t slack off, it’s time you’ll nev­er get back.  This hol­i­day isn’t just for kids, if you’re a col­lege stu­dent enjoy­ing Pitts­burgh for the first time you should try to get out there this mon­th before the weath­er goes ka-blewy again.  As Miss Friz­zle says, “Take chances.  Make mis­takes.  Get messy.”

Hands on activ­i­ties engage stu­dents who would oth­er­wise be dis­en­gaged.  Learn­ing is cool, but every­one absorbs infor­ma­tion dif­fer­ent­ly, just like paper tow­el brands (Sparkle is clear­ly the vil­lage idiot of paper tow­els).  The weath­er is glo­ri­ous, the leaves are chang­ing, it’s a beau­ti­ful time of year to be out and about.  There’s no age lim­it on learn­ing.  Get out there and learn some­thing new!

Pitts­burgh has no short­age of fan­tas­tic field trip loca­tions!  So here are my rec­om­men­da­tions, in case you hate google or some­thing:

-Lau­rel Cav­erns:
Are you an adven­ture junky?  Does crawl­ing through an under­ground cave sys­tem sound delight­ful?  Then spelunk­ing is for you!  No wor­ries, there are two tours, an advanced tour where you get deep in it, as the youths say, or an eas­ier tour.  They also have mini golf; the only mini golf ever made in a cave.  If mini golf and spelunk­ing are too adven­tur­ous for you, they also have gem­stone pan­ning.  There is a guid­ed tour that’s hand­i­cap acces­si­ble!  Yay!  Plus, it’s locat­ed in the strik­ing­ly beau­ti­ful Lau­rel High­lands.



Falling­wa­ter is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Lau­rel Cav­erns.  They do an ear­ly morn­ing nature hike on select week­ends to explore the grounds around Frank Lloyd Wright’s mas­ter­piece.  Wright was all about fus­ing nat­u­ral land­scapes with archi­tec­ture.

-Ken­tuck Knob:

This is anoth­er Frank Lloyd Wright house.  Tours are open from 9 AM until 4 PM, except Wednes­days when they open at noon.  You must sched­ule a tour in advance.  Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “No house should ever be on a hill or on any­thing.  It should be of the hill.  Belong­ing to it.  Hill and house should live togeth­er each the hap­pier for the oth­er.”  There is a mod­ern sculp­ture col­lec­tion on the grounds.

-Every­one knows about the Carnegie Sci­ence Cen­ter and the Carnegie Art and Nat­u­ral His­to­ry Muse­ums, but they’re still great field trip loca­tions.  

phippsPhipps has a vari­ety of cool exhibits and events.  Whether you like wine, fairy tales, or the African Con­go, Phipps has some­thing for every­one to enjoy.
And don’t for­get to record your expe­ri­ences in a new jour­nal from Kards Unlim­it­ed!