31 May

New book from Neil Gaiman hits the shelves!


Here at KU, we get wickedly excited any time a new book comes into the world from the mind of Neil Gaiman! This time is no different! While this one is a non-fiction compilation, we're still head over heels excited! this book will give Neil Gaiman lovers some new and wonderful insight into the brain and thoughts of our god.

Stop in the store to pick up your copy! We'll have it along with all of the other books NG's ever written. Which we carry on our shelves at all times. Because all times are good times to read your first Gaiman book, and we are here to help that happen!


22 Apr

Top 10 Gifts for that Earth-loving Hippie you know

Happy Earth Day! In honor of this wonderful holiday, we've compiled a list of things that you should buy some time for that friend of yours that really really loves green things!















2 Apr

Top 10 Gifts for Someone who Really Loves Dragons

Yesterday was Anne McCaffrey's birthday. And I was sitting in my reading chair, thinking to myself, what would Anne McCaffrey want to get for her birthday? Probably lots of books, right? Even better, books about dragons?

In honor of my dear Anne McCaffrey, I've compiled this list of the TOP TEN GIFTS for someone who really loves dragons! Not surprisingly, most of the things on this list happen to be books.

All of these lovely wonderful things are available here at Kards! Stop by to look at them in person, or send us a message if you would like more information!









20 Mar

To the Friendliest Man on TV: Happy Birthday

fredDear Mr. Rogers,

When I was little I was all about watching your show. You were just so calm, and kind, and loving. I learned a lot from you. I think you were probably my second best example of patience and kindness in my young life. (My mother was number one of course.)

It may have just been a TV show, but Mr. Roger's Neighborhood helped me become the person I am today. I am pretty sad that kids these days might grow up not knowing who you are. Who will be their example of unending patience and kindness?

Thanks for everything you taught me,


Today we Celebrate Won't You Be My Neighbor Day, which is also Mr. Fred Roger's birthday.
Check out the video below to learn some fun facts about dear ol' Fred.

If you or someone you know is just as in love with this man as we are, make sure you stop in to see our rather size-able collection of Mr. Roger's gift items and books!


5 Feb

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies THE MOVIE

pride-prejudice-zombies-poster-2016Today is a prestigious day in the universe! Today the long-awaited film, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies hits the big screen!!!!!!
Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration. I actually only know one person who is eagerly awaiting this particular movie. But I swear, she's excited enough for like 3  people, so there's that.

If you're wondering what the hack I'm talking about, well let me catch you up on the new literary movement: adding monsters to classic stories! Seth Grahame-Smith has 'upgraded' a number of classic tales by adding vampires or sea monsters. The story of Abraham Lincoln (he fights Vampires, now), for instance. The gospel of Luke(The Wise men are actually murderous thieves apparently?)!   .... and Pride and Prejudice (And Zombies!)
So in honor of the movie being released today, I went ahead and asked my friend who is super excited about this movie just why exactly she is super excited. Because I feel like we all really need to know.

This is Sara. She really likes hand sanitizer.

My friend and roommate is Sara. No 'h'. This is an important distinction for Sara(h)s.
She loves Jane Austen and so does her mom, and she's definitely planning on making her mom go to the movie with her. Here's what she has to say about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:

So, you've read the book, right? Can you tell us what about it you like?

I have actually not read the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies book itself.   I’m a huge fan of the original work though, and I really like anything that keeps it in people’s minds.  I feel like this refreshes and revitalizes the work and so people care about it ,which keeps it relevant.  As for the original book, I love it because of the characters.  People talk about the brooding Mr. Darcy and complain that he's  how we end up with characters like Edward Cullen.  But what people miss is that Darcy doesn’t find happiness until he lets that go.  Jane Austen’s characters usually have something to learn before they can find happiness, and Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are no exception.
So how do you feel about the fact that the guy who's playing Mr. Darcy in this particular rendition looks like a whiney, wet sock?


Matt Smith <3

I usually prefer to avoid too much hype about things I'm already going to watch, so I hadn't been paying any attention to the casting. Then I found out that Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who) was in it and I was like, well clearly he's going to be Mr. Darcy and that's going to be really interesting. THEN I found out that he's Mr. Collins??? Who is SUPPOSED to be a wet sock. Why would you get the DOCTOR and then cast him as not a major character, and an intentionally unlikeable one at that! And you know what worries me much more? The actual Mr. Darcy actor has got like maybe a dozen credits on his IMDB page.
So I'm not feeling too great about it! But hopefully we'll all be proved wrong and he'll be amazing.

Haha I sure hope so. Matt Smith is a pretty amazing actor, so he'll probably steal the show. Okay. Final question! Which theater snack will you be enjoying during this very strange Zombie movie? 
Well popcorn obviously, and then probably cookie dough bites! A friend introduced me to them and now I totally love them. I'll also definitely be sneaking my own water bottle in because they only sell water in hilariously huge bottles.
Thanks Sara! I sure hope the movie is a fun watch!
Want to read the book before you head to the theaters? We definitely have it, and most of Mr. Grahame-Smith's other books as well. 
2 Feb

Gifts for your Favorite Librarian

February is Library Lovers month! I’m pretty sure that there is no one who loves your library more than your local librarian, so we thought we’d list a few great ideas of ways to say thank you to your favorite Librarian. <3

As a kid, I was mesmerized by the enormity of my local library and how the store was routinely stocked with all of my favorite books. My librarian as a child was a sweet, elderly woman named Nancy.  Every time I would enter the library, she would greet me with freshly made cookies and a recommended new book. She introduced me to the book that would later mold my career aspirations. By encouraging me to search for comfort in books, Nancy inspired me to read with an open mind and think critically.

Jobs as a librarian are very rewarding. Librarians encourage all individuals, regardless of social and economic background, to embrace their bookworm qualities. In some ways, libraries serve as the general people’s university while librarians act as the professors. Plus, it must be nice as a librarian to have first dibs on hot titles and early released books.

As perusers of libraries, we constantly ask for recommendations and assistance in the quest to find our books. Why not give back by purchasing a fabulous present for your favorite librarian? Even your librarian needs some loving in February.  Here’s a list of our top five favorite gifts.




Book Lover’s 2016 Calendar

This jam-packed page-a-day calendar is filled with hundreds of book recommendations.  The calendar also includes fascinating quotes and trivia. Book recommendations are balanced between genres from classic love stories to history dramas.  Your librarian’s reading list will definitely lengthen with this great gift. Plus, all calendars are currently 50% off!






bookmarkWhile librarians have an incredible job, it can be fast-paced. Losing their place in their current reading material would be the last thing they want to happen in the leisure time. Why don’t you make sure your favorite librarian never loses their place ever again by gifting a precious bookmark?  Our collection of bookmarks is cute and hip.  Each bookmark includes a unique phrase proudly announcing the reader’s love of reading. My personal favorite is the “My workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt” bookmark.

Re-Used Book Journals

Here at our store, we have a large collection of priceless re-used book journals. The journals are fashioned from the covers of old books.  These covers range from classics like “The World of Mice” to books from the Nancy Drew series. Now your librarian can write her thoughts in style with these unique journals.  Who said something old could not be something fabulous?




mugLiterature Mugs

In this cold weather, try to give your librarian a way to sip her preferred hot beverage.  Search our mug section for stand-outs like our Mark Twain inspired mug and Jane Austen inspired mug.  Maybe try something comedic like our Mr. Rogers Sweater Changing mug?  Your librarian will be thankful once the weather hits the subzero temperatures.


With Valentine’s Day creeping around the corner, what’s a better gift than a book inspired necklace/earrings?  Our Voz jewelry collection is the perfect fit for any bookworm.  With selection from the dark Edgar Allen Poe to the cheerful Winnie the Pooh, your librarian can be accessorized with flairs of cleverness and style.

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23 Nov

Gifts for Doctor Who Fans

One of my favorite Christmases of all time was when my dear mother found out I liked Doctor Who. That Christmas every single gift was Doctor Who related. I got mugs, and t-shirts and books and DVDs and all of it was Doctor Who. All of it.

If you’re shopping for someone like me, someone who loves all things Doctor Who, we’ve got you covered. We have everything from stocking stuffers to serious tell-them-you-love them gifts, all themed around the infamous Doctor. Check it out!

If you’re not entirely sure what kind of gifts to get, you can always keep things simple(but still fun!) with any of these mugs or glasses! Seriously, who wouldn’t want a mug with a disappearing Tardis or a pint glass with a Dalek?!?dwmugs

Does your whovian hate being cold or wet? We can help with our Tardis or this umbrella that’s definitely bigger on the inside.umbrellafulll

If you happen to know their t shirt size, we have some options!tshirts

Maybe your Whovian love to read! We have a number of Dr. Who books, including the incredible gorgeous Dr. Who Vault book. Seriously, it is so amazing.dwbooks

Still not sure what the best gift would be? Getting a gift card to our store is totally not a cop-out, especially if you give it to them in one of these amazing Dr. Who cards.DWcards

Good luck hunting, guys!

21 Nov

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Boxed Christmas card time!

Now is the absolute best time to buy your box cards, and you should get 'em before the eggs get nogged. Meaning, before the best ones are gone!

Whether you've been sending holiday cards out for decades or are new to this whole business, we're here for you! We have a ton of beautiful boxed holiday and Christmas cards to make your season merry and bright. Plus, it's fun to send snail mail to the people you love who are far away. Yes, your love can fit into an envelope!

Birds wearing hats is the absolute cutest route you can go. And we have a bunch to choose from. So cute. So cuddly.

Birds Wearing Hats

If you'd like the proceeds fro your purchase to go to a worthy cause, look no further! Sierra Club, Good Cause Greetings, and Unicef cards all get the job done, and quite beautifully.

Sierra Club

Sierra Club

Good Cause Greetings

Good Cause Greetings



If you're into religious scenes, here are a few to choose from! The Lion and the Lamb design is adorable.

Religious Varities

If you want to impress your hipster friends and relatives, Edward Gorey is the way to go. Just the right amount of quirk.


"Hark! The herald angels sing..." An angel motif is great for holiday cards!


If your deal is joy, and joy to the world, we hear that!


We have a ton more designs of boxed cards and you should get yourself in here while the gettin is still good (and there's still ample time to get these in the mail!)