19 Nov

Gifts for the literary loving people in your life

If there’s one thing we love here at Kards Unlim­it­ed more than any­thing else, it just might be books and lit­er­a­ture. And we are far from alone in that! Here’s an over­whelm­ing list of all of the cool lit­er­ary stuff we have this year!

First up, Har­ry Pot­ter!

J.K Rowling: A Bibliography, Illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Assorted Hogwarts House scarves and hats, Harry Potter glasses, and Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

J.K Rowl­ing: A Bib­li­og­ra­phy, Illus­trat­ed Har­ry Pot­ter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Assort­ed Hog­warts House scarves and hats, Har­ry Pot­ter glass­es, and Har­ry Pot­ter Triv­ial Pur­suit

A boxed set of the books because WHY NOT

A boxed set of the books because WHY NOT


Har­ry Pot­ter Char­ac­ter Vault, Hog­warts house ties, and the Hog­warts Library

Game of Thrones next!

GoT IMAG1748

Game of Thrones Risk and Monopoly

GoT IMAG1755

Game of Thrones Orna­ments, and a Dire­wolf mug

GoT IMAG1754

Dan­ger­ous Wom­en, Game of Thrones lunch­box, A Knight of the Sev­en King­doms

Books in gen­er­al are good, too!

Book IMAG1766

1001 Books to Read Before You Die and CLOTH COVERED BOOKS!

Book IMAG1759

Lit­er­ary Tat­toos, Shakespeare’s Insults, Nov­el Cure, Nov­el Des­ti­na­tions, Pre­sent­ing Shake­speare 1,000 Posters from Around the World, Best Amer­i­can Short Sto­ries 2015, and Dear Luke We Need to Talk

Book IMAG1764

Illus­trat­ed Peter Pan, and Illus­trat­ed Secret Gar­den

Prac­ti­cal lit­er­ary gifts

Practical IMAG1771

Poe mug, Jane Austen mug, Von­negut mug, Twain mug, Great­est first lines of lit­er­a­ture mug, and Shakespeare’s insults mug.

Practical IMAG1769

Read a book in one year page a day cal­en­dars, book­marks, per­son­al library kit

Practical IMAG1768

Local­ly made North Ave. can­dles in deli­cious scents

Just for fun!


All the Shake­speare things!

Fun IMAG1777

Oscar Wilde and Charles Dick­ens Actions fig­ures, Bar Hum­bug bar


All the Jane Austen things!


All the Poe things!

Wear­able lit­er­a­ture themed t’s!







Gifts for your the literary loving people in your life

14 Nov

Gifts for your friend who’s always happy about something

On the flip side of the Pes­simistic Friend, there are also those sun­shine-y peo­ple who are nev­er down for long. You know, the sun will come out tomor­row type deals. We need them as much as we need any­one, and we want to show­er them with hap­py, opti­mistic gifts!

Optimism FB Photo

If they’re into jour­nal­ing, may we sug­gest the Affir­ma­tion Ball, Evi­dence the World is Basi­cal­ly Good: A Log­book for Opti­mists Jour­nal, Hec­tor and the Search of Hap­pi­ness, Why You’re Real­ly, Real­ly Awe­some Pad, High Five Nifty Notes, Smi­ley Face soap and You are a Good Per­son soap.


Do they have a lot of ener­gy? Get them a Rain­bow Stunt Stream­er. They’re so mag­i­cal. Don’t For­get a mini Pusheen, and a Glit­ter Wand!


What about a GIANT PUSHEEN? Qwilly shown for size com­par­ison.


How about some pos­i­tive Blue Q socks.


Quotable mugs will help you start your days off on a good note!


13 Nov

Gifts for your friend who’s always on about something

We all have that per­son in our lives. You know, the one with the glass half emp­ty, always cur­mud­geon­ing about some­thing or oth­er. We love them for their per­spec­tive, and we have a ton of great gifts for them! Know an opti­mist? Get ideas for them here!

Pessimist FB Cover

May­be they’re into read­ing? The Onion: Icon­ic Cov­ers, Apa­thy, The Com­plete Worst Case Sce­nar­io Hand­book, The Exis­ten­tial Col­or­ing Book, Hate Mail, I Judge You When You Use Poor Gram­mar, and Unnec­es­sary Quo­ta­tions.


May­be they need to just get it all out?Evidence the World is Basi­cal­ly Evil: A Log­book for Pes­simists, The Anti­so­cial Net­work Jour­nal, My Dys­func­tions Jour­nal, Hell Pass­port, and My Pet Peeves Jour­nal.


If they’re into prac­ti­cal gifts, not to wor­ry! Sassy Blue Q Socks, Nihilist Tooth­paste, Dis­ap­pear­ing Civil Lib­er­ties Mug, Seri­ous­ly? Desk Pad, and WTF Sticky Notes.


8 Nov

Coloring books aren’t just for kids. NEVER GROW UP!

Seri­ous­ly peo­ple. Not only is it fun to bust out the col­ored pen­cils or crayons, but it is proven to be RELAXING to col­or. And in the spir­it of this new break­through, we have a ton of great col­or­ing books to choose from here at Kards Unlim­it­ed. We have every­thing from Man­ga, to cats, drunk col­or­ing (booze not pro­vid­ed), and quite a few things in between. Here’s a look at a selec­tion of our MOST AWESOME col­or­ing books. Come on dahn to see the rest of em and get em while they’re hot!

Zenscapes, Arabesque, Wild Animal, and Peacock Covers 2


Manga, Creative Cats, Tattoo Coloring Book, and Tiffany Designs Covers


Fairies, Goddesses, King Arthur and Edward Gorey Covers

21 Jun

Grey has arrived…what are you doing tonight?

We at Kards Unlim­it­ed have received the much antic­i­pat­ed and high­ly con­tro­ver­sial Grey by E.L. James.  If you aren’t famil­iar with Grey yet, it is 50 Shades of Grey told by Chris­tian Grey. Learn about Christian’s trau­mat­ic child­hood which haunts him every sin­gle night.  Come on by and pick up your copy to see what all the fuss is about.

Oh yeah...he knows what all the fuss is about.

Oh yeah…he knows what all the fuss is about.

If you are look­ing to spend a night in with your hon­ey, we have great prod­ucts for adven­tur­ous lovers.  Whether you want to feel sexy, roman­tic, fun, or sassy, we have the pro­duct for you. My per­son­al favorites are the Kama Sutra mas­sage can­dles.  Light the wick and relax for twen­ty min­utes, blow the wick out, let it sit for a few min­utes, then begin giv­ing your lover a mas­sage they won’t for­get.


Scents include: trop­i­cal plume­ria, Mediter­ranean almond, coconut pineap­ple, island pas­sion fruit, and cocoa mint seduc­tion

For a more play­ful and artis­tic time, the Lover’s Body Paint is a must.  Edi­ble and arous­ing.  Enjoy a meal of Penis Pas­ta, or Pas­ta Boobs, then you can eat dessert direct­ly off some­one else’s body…yum.   If edi­ble body paint isn’t your thing, the glow-in-the-dark fin­ger paint is a fun way to paint the stars on your partner’s body.  Play hide-and-seek in the covers…with no clothes on!

And if you are a die hard 50 Shades fan, we car­ry the Sex Mis­chief line for all your light bondage needs.  We can even sell you a sex con­tract!

Sex Mischief product

Sexy Stuff for Sexy Cus­tomers!!!  

If you need some inspi­ra­tion, the Fetish Play dice and our Kama Sutra books will help you get through the night, or the day.

So if you want to try some­thing new in the bed­room this week, we can help!  We love to help!

12 May

A gender-free shopping guide for greeting cards!

The rules of ‘for girl’ and ‘for boy’ have changed sig­nif­i­cant­ly in the last few years. More and more par­ents are choos­ing to raise their chil­dren with­out gen­der lim­it­ing rules. Blue isn’t always for boys any­more, and pink isn’t just for girls.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly the world of greet­ing cards (specif­i­cal­ly the BIG clas­sic com­pa­nies) hasn’t quite caught up. Cards that are red and blue and have fire trucks come with a “boy birth­day” head­er, and the frozen cards with the glit­ter stick­ers say “Girl Birth­day”. How do you shop for the per­fect card when there seem to be gen­der rules placed on so many of them?

In the inter­est of help­ing you, our love­ly cus­tomers, broad­en your selec­tion, here are a few tips on how to shop for greet­ing cards the gen­der-free way.

Just a few cards that could could be for anyone.

Just a few cards that could could be for any­one.

1. Ignore the head­ers.
Hon­est­ly, we get rid of a lot of them any­way. But we do have sec­tions of cards, like our shoe­box birth­day, that have ‘for him’ and ‘for her’. Look, we leave those head­ers there so that peo­ple don’t get too lost. But there are some hilar­i­ous cards in there that you could give to peo­ple of both gen­ders. So next time you’re look­ing for a birth­day card for your super fab­u­lous GBFF, take a peek at the ‘for her’ cards. some of them are just labeled that way because they have glit­ter and sparkles on them. what­ev­er. don’t let those labels con­trol you!

2. Don’t be afraid to edit a card!
So there is one card in par­tic­u­lar that gets me every time. It’s a card for a dad that’s like “Thanks for help­ing to learn how to use a drill and build stuff” (but more poet­i­cal­ly) and it says in the card “from your son.” A) I know for sure that I am not the only girl here who would like to thank her par­ent for teach­ing me how to use tools. B) Per­son­al­ly I would like to thank my MOTHER for that, because she was the wood­work­er in the fam­i­ly. So here’s the deal. Some times there will be a card that says the per­fect thing in it, but like 2 of the words are wrong. (He instead of She; Son instead of Daugh­ter; Wife instead of Hus­band; and so on.) So CHANGE the words!!! Get a stick­er or may­be just a sharpie and make some edits. because the point of a card is to find one that say the per­fect thing for you and your loved one. And some­times card com­pa­nies don’t quite get it right.

Look at all these awesome things that don't say girl or boy!

Look at all the­se awe­some things that don’t say girl or boy!

3. Know your kids when you’re choos­ing cards!
Or if you don’t, don’t just assume that the lit­tle girl in your son’s class that is hav­ing a birth­day par­ty likes pink tiaras. We have a huge vari­ety of kids cards. Some of them say ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ in or on them, but some of them just have the cast of Cars or Frozen on them. And I know like a mil­lion lit­tle boys who just love Frozen. If you don’t know the child you’re buy­ing for well enough to know if they like par­tic­u­lar ani­mat­ed movies, don’t wor­ry! we have lots of cards that just have cute  bears on them or drag­ons. Boys AND girls like bears and drag­ons. srsly.

4. Check out new card lines!
You can find hall­mark cards any­where. But we have so many oth­er amaz­ing card lines, like Fran­tic Meer­cat, Seltzer, or Ripe! Some of the­se small card com­pa­nies have pro­gressed in the gen­der game far more quick­ly than the big com­pa­nies. You can find plen­ty of cards that are laugh your ass off hilar­i­ous, but aren’t gen­der defined at all. In fact, KU has a few of our own card lines that are just seri­ous fun. We have meme cards, nerd cards, and cards for every hol­i­day under the sun. Some times, the per­fect birth­day card is some­thing like our Duran Duran day card, or Dr. Seuss day card!

Yes. All of these are cards. even that cookie.

Yes. All of the­se are cards. even that cook­ie.

5. When in doubt, check out the blank cards.
We have some absolute­ly fan­tas­tic cards that are blank inside. They don’t try to be a him or her thing. They are just super cute or super spark­ly, and just all around good­ness. So when the cards with all the words aren’t doing any­thing for you, find a card with a pret­ty pic­ture and a short mes­sage and then fill up the inside with your own awe­some words.

Good luck, every­one! We can change the world one card at a time.

5 Feb

Unlimited Valentine’s Day cards at Kards Unlimited!

Look at lil' Hickory!  So frickin' cute!

Look at lil’ Hick­o­ry! So frick­in’ cute!

Feb­ru­ary 14th fast approach­es, friends!  You need a great card and I am here to tell/show you that it is right here wait­ing for you to come and buy it.  Allow me to show you our (ridicu­lous­ly per­fect and adorable) wares!  Seri­ous­ly, the­se cards (and the many many more we have) are utter­ly adorable and will guar­an­tee you a Valentine’s Day you won’t for­get!* Click READ MORE to see more fab­u­lous cards!

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8 Jan

Bringing Back The Bubble Bath In 6 Easy Steps

I wan­na talk about bub­ble baths. It’s been a very long time since I took a bath, but I think this year is the year I bring back the bub­ble bath. Jan­u­ary 8th is bub­ble bath day, so let’s DO THIS THING.

Some peo­ple like to hate on the fact that you’re sit­ting in ‘dirty’ water, but the point of a bub­ble bath isn’t clean­li­ness. Jebus peo­ple, get it togeth­er. The point of a bub­ble bath is qui­et time, relax­ation, and intro­spec­tion. Grant­ed, you prob­a­bly need to clean your tub/shower before you set out on a bub­ble bath adven­ture, but it will total­ly be worth it. If you need some bub­ble bath inspi­ra­tion, let me be your bub­ble bath guide.

Step one: Clean your tub. Yes, this sucks. But this is the only part that sucks.

Step two: Plug the tub and start the hot water (but test it before it gets going to make sure you don’t burn your junk off).

Step three: Pour in bub­ble bath while the tub is fill­ing so it gets good and sudsy.

Tokyo Milk makes some awesome bubble bath

Tokyo Milk makes some awe­some bub­ble bath

Step four: While you’re wait­ing for the tub to fill up and the bub­bles to um, bub­ble, grab a few can­dles and light them. Make sure you place them near you but not in such a way that they will a.) fall into the tub or b.) set your hair on fire.

I wanna burn them all! One at a time, though.

I wan­na burn them all! One at a time, though.

Step five: Turn on some relax­ing music and put your phone on silent. You don’t need to use it with wet fin­gers OR drop it into the tub.

Step six: Sink into the bub­bles and relax. Spend as much time as you like get­ting pruney, and may­be even read a lit­tle. Ooh, read­ing!

I would suggest a good mystery, like The Cuckoo's Calling, written by J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith

I would sug­gest a good mys­tery, like The Cuckoo’s Call­ing, writ­ten by J.K. Rowl­ing under the pseu­do­nym Robert Gal­braith