26 Mar

Cool Stuff Tuesday! Easter Basket Gifts!

You still have a few days to get every­thing you need to fill those East­er bas­kets, folks!  Come in this week so we can fill (see what I did there?) all your East­er gift needs!

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5 Mar

Cool Stuff Tuesday!


So many delec­table teas. Also a cute, fat teapot.

Tea Forte!

The­se days cof­fee seems to get all the atten­tion, but if you’re an avid (read: snooty) tea drinker like me, don’t wor­ry — we’ve got your back!  KU stocks a huge vari­ety of teas and tea acces­sories from great com­pa­nies like Tea Forte, whose loose leaf tea can­is­ters come in dif­fi­cult-to-describe, yet oh-so-deli­cious, fla­vors like Blue­ber­ry Mer­lot and African Sol­stice, which are both great choic­es for spring sip­ping. If loose leaf isn’t your bag then try Tea Forte’s silken dif­fusers — less mess, but just as much fla­vor. *And* they come in boxed assort­ments, so they make great gifts as well. My favorite is the Essen­tial Greens col­lec­tion, which fea­tures stan­dards like Japan­ese Sen­cha and Jas­mine Green, but offers a few unusu­al fla­vors too, includ­ing Lemon Sor­bet­ti and Green Man­go Peach.  Hon­est­ly, you can’t go wrong with the­se teas. They’re all incred­i­ble.

12 Feb

Cool Stuff Tuesday!

Kama Sutra Mas­sage Can­dles!

They come in four sen­su­ous fla­vors!  (Island Pas­sion Fruit, Deep Ocean, Mediter­ranean Almond, and Trop­i­cal Plume­ria!)  You burn them to cre­ate a pool of warm mas­sage oil!  The instruc­tions say, “Extin­guish flame and pour warm oil onto the palm of your hand as you take your lover on an unfor­get­table, roman­tic jour­ney.”  What else can you say?

Try them out!  It’s fire and mas­sage!  What could go wrong?


Tongue-in-cheek as this entry may sound, I actu­al­ly think the­se look real­ly cool. Hence their inclu­sion in CST

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6 Feb

A Valentine’s Day Card to Go With Your Gift!

Do not, under any cir­cum­stances, arrive at Valentine’s Day card­less, friends.  Big mis­take.  For­tu­nate­ly, we have absolute­ly fan­tas­tic Valentine’s Day cards here at the store.  Take a look below for some ideas and come on in to see the full selec­tion and find the per­fect card!

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22 Jan

Cool Stuff Tuesday!


Lol, “fun in func­tion­al.” Clas­sic.

Knock Knock -

KU car­ries a vari­ety of home and office prod­ucts from the fine folks at Knock Knock that are *per­fect* for sassy peo­ple like you and me. My all-time favorite is the Per­son­al Library Kit, which includes check-out cards and a date stamp designed express­ly to help you get your books back from no-good, rot­ten book-steal­ers. Man, if I’ve had that when I was younger, my broth­er wouldn’t have been able to pull all that “NO, DUDE. THIS IS *MY* BOOK. MINE, I TELL YOU!” crap back then. Sigh. Oth­er great choic­es are Knock Knock’s line of sassy notes, like Fash­ion Cita­tion, which helps you explain to your friends why they look like com­plete crap, and Vouch­ers for Lovers, with coupons that your bub­sie-wub­sie can cash in for fun and inti­mate things like a foot mas­sage, cud­dle ses­sion, or date night!


For all you cats out there with per­son­al libraries. You need the kit. For real, though.

15 Jan

Cool Stuff Tuesday!

This is by a good mar­gin my favorite t shirt out the of almost 200 that we sell. Why, you might ask? Let me tell you: This t shirt takes the entire malig­nant his­to­ry of Euro­pean impe­ri­al­ism and dis­tills it into a hilar­i­ous joke that requires the min­i­mum of thought and con­sid­er­a­tion about the pain and suf­fer­ing that allowed it to exist. It’s about heal­ing.

small pox shirt2

8 Jan

Cool Stuff Tuesdays! The Blog Edition!

All the cards at Kards Unlim­it­ed are excel­lent, and the blank note cards from Peter Pau­per Press are no excep­tion. I’ve writ­ten on them with a vari­ety of foun­tain pens and ball­points as well as a num­ber of mark­ers includ­ing Sharpies. With­out excep­tion, writ­ing on the­se note cards is a plea­sur­able expe­ri­ence. The card stock is smooth with­out being glossy; ink dries on it quick­ly and does not bleed through except with a broad point Sharpie.

The­se note cards come in a vari­ety of gor­geous designs appro­pri­ate for a ton of per­son­al cor­re­spon­dence. Thank You designs are also avail­able. Come down and check them out! If you’re a fan of hand-writ­ing notes, I guar­an­tee you’ll love the­se note cards.

p3 pic

Some of our many Peter Pau­per Press note card and Thank You card designs.

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11 Oct

50 Shades of Grey Sex Contract

We were all very inspired by 50 Shades of Grey. Very inspired indeed. Since the series has sold over 40 mil­lion copies world­wide, we know we aren’t the only ones. So we thought we would try to bring a lit­tle bit of the naughty sex­u­al fan­ta­sy into real­i­ty! We are now sell­ing a sex con­tract based on the one from the books, but way more fun. Instead of being told what to do, you and your part­ner can fill in the blanks for all sorts of sex­u­al pref­er­ences and activ­i­ties. Then just take it over to a Notary Pub­lic and make it offi­cial! Or not. Think of it more like a Mad Libs for all the naughty bed­room activ­i­ties that you like to fan­ta­size about.

In addi­tion to the con­tract, we are also sell­ing a new line of begin­ner S&M prod­ucts called “Sex & Mis­chief” for those of you who were “curi­ous” about what all the fuss is about. We have hand­cuffs, blind­folds, crops, leash­es, and the famous grey tie!

The con­tract is $4.95, or FREE with the pur­chase of two Sex & Mis­chief prod­ucts. Stop in today to pick one up, or call and we can mail it out to you!

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